The teddy fish is a plush toy that was stuck in the Krusty Krab Lost and Found in the episode of the same name.


It resembles a brown plush teddy bear, but with light green fins on the side and top of its head and no ears.

Role in episode

A little boy enters the Krusty Krab, crying, saying that he wants his teddy fish. Mr. Krabs then asks SpongeBob to check the Lost and Found to find it.

After SpongeBob encounters Ginger and the other lost kids, Ginger tries to give the teddy fish some candy. SpongeBob tries to take it, but Ginger says she found it first. SpongeBob then tricks her and grabs the teddy fish, causing her and the other lost kids to chase after him.

When SpongeBob and the lost kids get out of the Lost and Found, he hands the teddy fish to the child, who does not want it anymore, throwing it away. Ginger catches it and then hugs it. The child then says he would rather have the Tylosaurus.

Role in Lost Treasures

It reappears as a collectable item in the fifth level.
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