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Ted[3] is a fish who first appears in the episode "Missing Identity" at the Diner.


Ted is an olive green fish. He has lighter green fins and wears office clothes and a brown hat with a black stripe; his shirt is pale yellow with a dark blue tie and pocket to the right side and his pants are brown with a golden buckle.

In "What's Eating Patrick?," he is shown with blue lips, a dorsal fin, arms, and legs. He also now wears a hat with a brown stripe and small golden square. He is shown wearing a white shirt with a purple tie, with the pocket removed. His pants are now dark blue and contain a brown belt with a golden buckle.

In "The Good Krabby Name" & "Pat Hearts Squid," his skin is purple, but he still has a blue dorsal fin, lips, arms, and legs. He also wears his original hat in this appearance, but black pants now.

Role in series

"Missing Identity"

He appears at the Diner with the waitress in the opening. He is first seen starting to solve a crossword, but then realizes he lost his pen. However, the waitress offers her pen to borrow. SpongeBob then talks right away and goes into the story of when he lost his name tag.

"Best Day Ever"

He is seen at Squidward's performance.

"The Good Krabby Name"

He is one of the customers who SpongeBob, dressed in a Krabby Patty costume, advertises the Krusty Krab to.

"What's Eating Patrick?"

He is the father of the boy with a broken foot, who is seen in the audience watching Patrick partake in the eating contest at the Krusty Krab.


  • Ted's fins and lips change color from green to blue in "What's Eating Patrick?"
  • Ted's name was first revealed in "The Googly Artiste."


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