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"Tag, You're It" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from season 1. In this episode, on a rainy day, SpongeBob and his friends entertain themselves indoors with a turbulent game of tag.



The episode starts with SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy stretching. Patrick tries to touch his toes, SpongeBob does squats and tries to stretch his leg around his body, and Sandy tries to touch her foot and as she does that, she accumulates so much sweat that she needs to flush it all away. After stretching, SpongeBob announces a game of tag. Squidward asks if just the three of them will play, so he sends them off to play and to "get out of his hair." Rain starts falling, so Squidward tells them to play inside very quietly.

While the three play tag, Squidward paints an infinite loop of himself painting. He gets smashed by his foldable bed and he now looks exactly like his painting. When Squidward asks what is going on, they are having a tea party and are being quiet, but when Squidward enters his room again, the noise continues, but Squidward will not fall for it. SpongeBob tries to tag Patrick, finally doing so once he is at the very top of the ceiling. Squidward barges out because of the noise and SpongeBob and Sandy are worried because Patrick is right above him. After Patrick says hello, he falls right on top of Squidward, and pulls out his "hair."

Squidward kicks the three outside, and tells them to play outside, but they tell him it is muddy, cold, and the sky is crying, so Squidward gives them an umbrella. They start to tag each other a couple of times. When Larry notices them outside, he tells them to come inside. Sandy informs SpongeBob and Patrick that the jocks tend to play rough. After they enter, Larry gives them towels to dry off and sit down. SpongeBob asks what is going on, so Larry says that he is teaching the "lunkheads" that the brain is the most important muscle in the body. Sandy says that the brain is an organ, not a muscle. Larry asks his students what Jack jumps over in the poem "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick." After some wrong answers, SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy continue their game of tag, and SpongeBob tags the purple female fish. Larry asks what they are doing, and SpongeBob responds that they are playing tag. The female purple jock tags Craig Mammalton by hitting him with the book. Craig tags Larry with a fallen shelf and he lands on an exercise bike, as he tells the jocks that "it is on." After all the jocks start playing rough, SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy get out of the cabin. Before SpongeBob leaves, Larry tags him, and tells the three to not come back because their games are too "rough", as he is pulled into the cabin screaming.

As the "Tag, You're It" song starts, Patrick and Sandy are waiting outside of a cabin saying "Yacht," giggling. As an octopus is about to serve Lady Upturn's meal, SpongeBob tags him, and she takes him outside and hits him like a golf ball after Patrick and Sandy flee. They then play a board game named "Tag!" with Bubble Bass. After Bubble Bass' turn, Patrick seems surprised, and goes around the board and eats all of the characters, So Bubble Bass gets a real-life version of a game character to hit Patrick and spit out the characters. SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Mrs. Puff are then seen drying off in the lighthouse. Sandy hits Patrick with her towel, Patrick hits SpongeBob with his towel, and SpongeBob hits Mrs. Puff. She inflates because of surprise and fills up the lighthouse, as "Tag, You're It" ends. While they are playing in the mud, Mr. Krabs notices them.

He calls them to the front and center and line up. After they line up in different positions, he tells them instead of playing outside, they play with Pearl inside. Mr. Krabs tells them to be quiet while he "works" upstairs, revealed to actually be sleeping. After continuing their game, Pearl babbles, so Sandy thinks it means that she wants to play with them and that it is adorable, so SpongeBob tags her, but Patrick says they cannot because she does not have her brains yet. She gets angry, so she tags all three of them, and they call it a triple-tag. After a wild chase, Pearl climbs up the stairs to the next floor, and the trio follow. As they creep up quietly to tag her, they get stuck in Mr. Krabs' hammock, waking him up.

While Squidward gets ready for bed, Mr. Krabs barges inside the cabin and orders Squidward to play with his campers. SpongeBob tags Squidward, and Squidward says that he always wanted to play with the three of them and that they never asked him. Patrick cuts Squidward off by saying that it stopped raining and that they should go swimming. After the three leave, Mr. Krabs says that Squidward is it forever, so Squidward tags Mr. Krabs and tells him that he is it forever as he runs out of the cabin. Mr. Krabs runs out of the cabin trying to tag Squidward. Many campers are seen outside as one of SpongeBob's fingers shows up, and tags the screen as the episode ends.



 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Liberty Special - Tommy Reilly and James Moody [Beginning]
  Double March - Tommy Reilly and James Moody [SpongeBob announces his plan]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Squidward's hair.]
  Nippy Nipper - Tommy Reilly [SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick step outside.]
  ? - They go back inside.
  ? - "Quietly."
  Tumble Seaweed - Steve Belfer [Playing tag inside.]
  Attack of the Sea Cucumbers - Jason Dobrowner [SpongeBob tries to tag Sandy.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr ["What the…"]
  Harpsichord Classical Bits 1 - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony ["More tea?"]
  ? - [Squidward goes back in his room.]
  Attack of the Sea Cucumbers - Jason Dobrowner [They play tag again.]
  ? - "Uh oh.."
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Patrick falls on top of Squidward]
  ? - Squidward kicks them out.
  ? - Daniel Stimac [Squidward hands them an umbrella.]
  Tumble Seaweed - Steve Belfer [They play tag under the umbrella.]
  Alley Cat - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Inside Larry's cabin.]
  Happy Heidi - Gerhard Winkler [Larry reads a book to the campers.]
  Happy Heidi - Gerhard Winkler
  Attack of the Sea Cucumbers - Jason Dobrowner [Craig Mammalton gets hit with a book.]
  Tag, You're It - Kaz, Tom Kenny
  ? ["I'm kiddin', she's had her shots."]
  ? [Krabs tells them to keep Pearl entertained.]
  Brass Fanfare - Peter Winslow [Patrick reads a toilet paper roll like a scroll.]
  Blue Sails - Tommy Reilly and James Moody [Pearl wants to play tag.]
  Tag, You're It - Kaz, Tom Kenny [Pearl runs away from them.]
  Squeaks and Creeks - Tommy Reilly [They end up in Krabs' bedroom.]
  ? ["One...Two...Three!"]
  ? ["What the?"]
  ? - Steve Belfer [Squidward gets ready for bed]
  Comic March Cue - Johnny Pearson ["Counselor Squidward!"]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Krabs tells Squidward to play tag with the campers.]
  Double March - Tommy Reilly and James Moody [SpongeBob tags Squidward.]
  Fountain of Dreams - Tommy Reilly ["I'm..it?.."]
  Pay Off - Tommy Reilly and James Moody [It stopped raining.]
  Tag, You're It - Kaz, Tom Kenny [Ending.]




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  • After Sandy flushes her helmet, the flushed water disappears from the floor.
  • Before the rain, there were cabins in the distance behind SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy, but after the rain starts falling, the cabins are gone.