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The Super Stuffed Nicksgiving Weekend, previously known as Nicksgiving Weekend, Nonstop Nicktoons Weekend, and Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend, was an annual Nickelodeon event with new episodes from their shows on the American Thanksgiving weekends, including SpongeBob SquarePants, and sometimes reruns.

The event first ran in 1993.[2] A SpongeBob episode premiered as part of the event for the first time in 2006. This happened again in 2007 with eight new episodes, 2008 with seven new episodes, 2009 with two new episodes, 2010 with two new episodes, and in 2011 with four new episodes. A similar event happened in 2018 under the name "Nickelodeon Thanksgiving Weekends."

Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend


A marathon preceded two new episodes of All Grown Up! and The Fairly OddParents. No new SpongeBob episodes premiered.

Time (ET) Episode
9:00 AM "Sleepy Time"/"Suds"
9:30 AM "MuscleBob BuffPants"/"Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost"
2:00 PM "Help Wanted"/"Reef Blower"/"Tea at the Treedome"
2:30 PM "Culture Shock"/"F.U.N."
3:00 PM "The Great Snail Race"/"Mid-Life Crustacean"
3:30 PM "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy"/"Pickles"
4:00 PM "Snowball Effect"/"One Krabs Trash"
4:30 PM "The Sponge Who Could Fly"
5:00 PM "Ugh"
5:30 PM "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"/"Pranks a Lot"
6:00 PM "Missing Identity"/"Plankton's Army"
6:30 PM "Party Pooper Pants"



WACK Nickelodeon (event).jpg

During this 2006 event a wrestling-themed block called "W.A.C.K.!" (Wrestling Association of Championship Krushers) aired during the event, featuring Linsdey Shaw and Devon Werkheiser from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide as the host. During the event only one episode premiered, It also aired the final episodes of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and new episodes of The Fairly OddParents!, The X's, and All Grown Up. The block was originally slated to premiere next year but was quietly cancelled due to stunt problems.

Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
That's No Lady title card.png
75b "That's No Lady" November 25, 2006


2006 Schedule

Time Episode
9:00am "Welcome to the Chum Bucket"/"Frankendoodle"
9:30am "Best Day Ever"
9:45am "Procrastination"
4:00pm "Have You Seen This Snail?"
4:30pm "Selling Out"
4:45pm "Patrick SmartPants"
5:00pm "The Camping Episode"
5:15pm "New Leaf"
5:30pm "Ghost Host"
5:45pm "Krusty Towers"
6:00pm "Dunces and Dragons"
6:30pm "Wishing You Well"
6:45pm "Karate Island"
7:01pm "King of Mars" (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)
7:31pm Timmy the Barbarian/No Substitute for Crazy (The Fairly Oddparents)
8:00pm "That's No Lady" (New)/"Squidtastic Voyage"[3]
8:23pm El Magnifico/Best in the Show (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)
8:53pm Accidental Hero/Untied (The X'S)
9:23pm Rachel, Rachel (All Grown Up!)


4 brand new SpongeBob episodes during the Nickelodeon Super Stuffed Nicksgiving Weekend 2007.png

All eight of these episodes premiered on November 23, 2007 as the last episodes from season 5. Promos for this event advertised four new SpongeBob episodes, while it was actually eight. Four of these episodes ("The Two Faces of Squidward," "The Inmates of Summer," "The Battle of Bikini Bottom," and "Banned in Bikini Bottom") were released on TurboNick on November 21, 2007, two days before they premiered on TV.[4]

Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
The Inmates of Summer title card.png
95a "The Inmates of Summer" November 23, 2007
The Two Faces of Squidward title card.png
99a "The Two Faces of Squidward" November 23, 2007
The Battle of Bikini Bottom title card.png
97b "The Battle of Bikini Bottom" November 23, 2007
Banned in Bikini Bottom title card.png
100a "Banned in Bikini Bottom" November 23, 2007
SpongeHenge title card.png
99b "SpongeHenge" November 23, 2007
20,000 Patties Under the Sea title card.png
97a "20,000 Patties Under the Sea" November 23, 2007
Stanley S. SquarePants title card.png
100b "Stanley S. SquarePants" November 23, 2007
To Save a Squirrel title card.png
95b "To Save a Squirrel" November 23, 2007

2007 Schedule

November 22, 2007


Time Episode
6:00am Doug: "Doug Bags a Neematoad"
6:30am Rugrats: "Tommy's First Birthday"
7:00am The Ren & Stimpy Show: "Stimpy's Big Day!" / "The Big Shot!"
7:30am Rocko's Modern Life: "Carnival Knowledge" / "Sand in Your Navel"
8:00am Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: "The Switching Hour"
8:30am Hey Arnold!: "Downtown as Fruits" / "Eugene's Bike"
9:00am The Angry Beavers: "Born to Be Beavers" / "Up All Night"
9:30am CatDog: "Dog Gone" / "All You Can't Eat"
10:00am Oh Yeah! Cartoons: "ChalkZone" / "What is Funny?" / "Jelly's Day"
10:30am The Wild Thornberrys: "Iron Curtain"
11:00am "Help Wanted"/"Reef Blower"/"Tea at the Treedome"
11:30am Rocket Power: "New Squid on the Block" / "Down the Drain"
12:00pm As Told By Ginger: "Ginger the Juvey"
12:30pm The Fairly OddParents: "The Big Problem!" / "Power Mad!"
1:00pm Invader Zim: "The Nightmare Begins"
1:30pm ChalkZone: "Rudy's First Adventure" / "Rudy's Story" / "Bushel Full of Yum"
2:00pm The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: "When Pants Attack"
2:30pm My Life as a Teenage Robot: "It Came From Next Door" / "Pest Control"
3:00pm All Grown Up: "Susie Sings the Blues"
3:30pm Danny Phantom: "Mystery Meat"
4:00pm Avatar: The Last Airbender: "The Boy in the Iceberg"
4:30pm Catscratch: "Bringin' Down the Mouse" / "To the Moon"
5:00pm The X's: "Photo Ops" / "Boy's Best Fiend"
5:30pm El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: "Sole of a Hero / "Night of the Living Guacamole"
6:00pm Tak and the Power of Juju: "Woodlefest" / "Loser"
6:30pm Back at the Barnyard: "The Good, the Bad and the Snotty" / "Escape from the Barnyard"
7:00pm - 8:30pm The Rugrats Movie
8:47pm "Grandma's Kisses"
9:00pm - 10:00pm Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
10:37pm - 11:30pm Rugrats Go Wild (New)

November 23, 2007

Time Episode
7:00am - "Spy Buddies" / "Boat Smarts" / "Good Ol' Whatshisname"
7:30am "Sailor Mouth" / "Artist Unknown"
8:00am "Krusty Towers" / "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired"
8:30am "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III" / "Squirrel Jokes"
9:00am "Procrastination" / "I'm With Stupid"
9:30am "Driven to Tears" / "Rule of Dumb"
10:00am "Good Neighbors" / "Skill Crane"
10:30am "The Chaperone" / "Employee of the Month"
11:00am "A Flea in Her Dome" / "The Donut of Shame" / "The Krusty Plate"
11:30am "As Seen on TV" / "Can You Spare a Dime?"
12:00pm "The Krusty Sponge" / "Sing a Song of Patrick"
12:30pm "Breath of Fresh Squidward" / "To Love a Patty"
1:00pm "Picture Day" / "Pat No Pay" / "BlackJack"
1:30pm "Blackened Sponge" / "Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob"
2:00pm - "Best Frenemies" / "Born to Be Wild"
2:30pm "Squid Wood" / "The Pink Purloiner"
3:00pm "Best Day Ever" / "The Gift of Gum"
3:30pm "Friend or Foe"
4:00pm "Rise and Shine" / "Waiting" / "Fungus Among Us"
4:30pm "Wet Painters" / "Krusty Krab Training Video"
5:00pm "New Digs" / "Krabs à la Mode"
5:30pm "SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget" / "Money Talks" / "Slimy Dancing"
6:00pm "Roller Cowards" / "Bucket Sweet Bucket"
6:30pm "The Secret Box" / "Band Geeks"
7:00pm "Atlantis SquarePantis" (first airing with Patchy scenes)
8:00pm "The Inmates of Summer" (New)
8:15pm "The Two Faces of Squidward" (New)
8:30pm "The Battle of Bikini Bottom" (New)
8:45pm "Banned in Bikini Bottom" (New)
9:00pm "SpongeHenge" (New)
9:15pm "20,000 Patties Under the Sea" (New)
9:30pm "Stanley S. SquarePants" (New)
9:45pm "To Save a Squirrel" (New)

November 25, 2007


Time Episode
6:00am Go, Diego, Go!: "Journey to Jaguar Mountain"
6:30am - 7:30am Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
8:00am - 8:30am Dora the Explorer: "Dora Saves the Mermaids"
9:00am - 10:30am The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
11:00am - 12:30pm Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
1:00pm - 1:30pm Danny Phantom: "Phantom Planet"
2:00pm - 3:00pm The Fairly OddParents: "Channel Chasers"
3:30pm - 4:00pm Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators!
4:30pm - 5:30pm Rugrats Go Wild
6:00pm - 6:30pm "Atlantis SquarePantis"
7:00pm - 8:30pm The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie



All seven of these season 6 episodes premiered on November 28, 2008. A sneak peak of the DreamWorks animated series The Penguins of Madagascar based on the Madagascar franchise aired between the premieres of "Grooming Gary" and "Porous Pockets."

Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
The Slumber Party title card.png
110a "The Slumber Party" November 28, 2008
Grooming Gary title card.png
110b "Grooming Gary" November 28, 2008
Porous Pockets title card.png
112a "Porous Pockets" November 28, 2008
Krusty Krushers title card.png
113a "Krusty Krushers" November 28, 2008
The Card title card.png
113b "The Card" November 28, 2008
Dear Vikings title card.png
114a "Dear Vikings" November 28, 2008
Ditchin' title card.png
114b "Ditchin'" November 28, 2008

2008 Schedule

November 27, 2008


Time Episode
8:00am - 9:30am The Wild Thornberrys Movie
10:00am - 11:00am The Fairly OddParents: "Channel Chasers"
11:30am "Pest of the West"
12:00pm - 1:00pm Rugrats Go Wild
1:30pm "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"
2:00pm - 2:30pm The Fairly OddParents: "Fairly Idol"
3:00pm - 3:30pm Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour
4:00pm - 4:30pm Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide
5:00pm - 5:30pm Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators
6:00pm - 6:30pm The Fairly OddParents: "Fairly OddBaby"
7:00pm - 8:30pm The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

November 28, 2008

Time Episode
8:00am "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"
8:30am "The Great Snail Race" / "Mid-Life Crustacean"
9:00am "Dunces and Dragons"
9:30am "Krab Borg" / "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve"
10:00am "Plankton!" / "Jellyfishing"
10:30am "No Weenies Allowed" / "Squilliam Returns"
11:00am "Welcome to the Chum Bucket" / "Frankendoodle"
11:30am "The Secret Box" / "Band Geeks"
12:00pm "Sailor Mouth" / "Artist Unknown"
12:30pm "20,000 Patties Under the Sea" / "The Battle of Bikini Bottom"
1:00pm "Banned in Bikini Bottom" / "Stanley S. SquarePants"
1:30pm "Penny Foolish" / "Nautical Novice"
2:00pm "House Fancy" / "Krabby Road"
2:30pm "Giant Squidward" / "No Nose Knows"
3:00pm "Patty Caper" / "Plankton's Regular"
3:30pm "The Two Faces of Squidward" / "SpongeHenge"
4:00pm "Spongicus" / "Suction Cup Symphony"
4:30pm "Not Normal" / "Gone"
5:00pm "A Life in a Day" / "Sun Bleached"
5:30pm "Boating Buddies" / "The Krabby Kronicle"
6:00pm The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
7:45pm "MuscleBob BuffPants"
8:00pm "The Slumber Party" / "Grooming Gary" (New)
8:30pm "Gone in a Flash" (The Penguins of Madagascar)
8:45pm "Porous Pockets" (New)
9:00pm "Krusty Krushers" / "The Card" (New)
9:30pm "Dear Vikings" / "Ditchin'" (New)



Two episodes premiered in 2009, less compared to the previous two years. The event was renamed to Super Stuffed Nicksgiving Weekend.

Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
Greasy Buffoons title card.png
130a "Greasy Buffoons" November 27, 2009
Model Sponge title card.png
130b "Model Sponge" November 27, 2009


Two episodes premiered in 2010. Six additional episodes were originally going to premiere, but were pushed back to 2011.

Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
The Abrasive Side title card.png
146a "The Abrasive Side" November 27, 2010
Earworm title card.png
146b "Earworm" November 27, 2010


(HQ) SpongeBob - "The Abrasive Side" Official Promo


SpongeBob, Patrick, Camera, and Cheese Fizz.png
"Patrick! You're spraying the camera with Cheese Fizz!"

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Four episodes premiered in 2011.

Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
Bubble Troubles title card.png
166a "Bubble Troubles" November 25, 2011
The Way of the Sponge title card.png
166b "The Way of the Sponge" November 25, 2011
The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom title card.png
167a "The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom" November 25, 2011
Bubble Buddy Returns title card.png
167b "Bubble Buddy Returns" November 25, 2011


(HQ) Nickelodeon Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 Official Promo