The Sulfur Fields is a minor location that appears in "Prehibernation Week" and the comic Grandma's Cookies. It is located presumably in Bikini Bottom and is a place full of sulfuric volcanoes.



The Sulfur Fields is a field of small dark volcanoes that shoot out sulfur. The surface is dark grayish-blue and the sky is yellow-orange due to the sulfur being released into the air. There are also tiny patches of red coral and purple clams placed around the fields.

Role in series

"Prehibernation Week"

Sandy forces everyone in Bikini Bottom to look for SpongeBob, and this was one of the locations they search. A fish's face is burnt by sticking his head inside one of the volcanoes.

Grandma's Cookies

SpongeBob passes over this location on his way to his grandma's house.


  • The volcanoes could be a reference to hydrothermal vents.
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