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Sugar Squeeze is a drink created by Narlene in the Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episodes "Sugar Squeeze" and "Wise Kraken."


It is a glowing yellow drink made out of several candies. It temporarily turns tongues golden yellow. It makes people extremely hyper temporarily.

Role in series

"Sugar Squeeze"

Narlene creates it when she first meets the kids at Camp Coral and feeds it to them. It makes all the kids hyperactive and disrupts Mr. Krabs's sleep, so he uses Narlene's machine, Thunder Squeeze to get them back to normal.

"Wise Kraken"


  • Mr. Krabs knows what Sugar Squeeze is and he states it's "catnip for kids", "kidnip".
  • The cure for the Sugar Squeeze hyperactivity is taking on a ride on a machine called Thunder Squeeze.
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