Not right now, Billy. Daddy's had a long day.
— Suburban dad figurine, "Squid Noir"

The Suburban dad figurine is a figurine owned by Bubble Bass that appears in the episodes "Squid Noir" and "Swamp Mates."


It is a figurine of a turquoise fish who wears a sky blue shirt, dark blue pants, a chef hat, a white chef apron with that reads "#1 Dad" in dark red text, and holds a spatula in his right hand.

Role in episode

"Squid Noir"

At Near Mint Comic Books, Bubble Bass shows off his Suburban dad figurine to a few other fish. Squidward's bad clarinet playing then causes Bubble Bass to drop and break the figurine.

Later in the episode, SpongeBob sends a Mermaid Man figurine to fight the Suburban dad figurine. It turns out to be SpongeBob and Bubble Bass just bashing the figurines together. Bubble Bass then drops and breaks the figurine again, much to his disappointment.

"Swamp Mates"

It appears during the meetup in the Mermalair and in Bubble Bass' action figure collection.

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