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The stork drone is a character that appears in "Karen's Baby."


It is a white robotic bird with an orange beak, a white tail feather, and four propellers. It wears a small blue hat.

Role in episode

Karen reveals to Plankton that she ordered a baby for them, and a stork drone soon arrives at the Chum Bucket to deliver it. Plankton, not wanting a child, turns on the Chum Bucket's security systems and causes the building's glove to threaten the drone. However, the drone uses a laser to blast the Chum Bucket's roof open, allowing it to safely deliver the baby to Karen.


  • It is based on the myth that babies are not born, but instead delivered to their parents via storks.
  • He may have been the drone that told SpongeBob that Karen and Plankton are having a baby.
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