Stinky Burgers was a restaurant that was the only place to buy a burger when Mr. Krabs and Plankton were kids. It was a fast food business owned by Stinky, an overweight rich man. It appears in a flashback in the episode "Friend or Foe."



Stinky Burgers was a small store with a rustic and lousy look. It had a metal roof of low quality and the sign was an orange rectangle shape with the text "Stinky" in bold yellow letters and a black "Burgers" text. Next to that was a dried-out clam spouting out a rancid yellow breath. It had a small foghorn coming out from the left side of the store, an ordering window, and a door that only Stinky was able to enter. It also had four tables.

Inside Stinky Burgers was a kitchen. Customers did not eat inside though. Outside the cooking area were seats and chairs with an umbrella, shielding bad sun or rain. They were not of great quality. There was also an overfilled trash can to the right of the entrance. The outdoor area was surrounded by a very low brick wall.

Food and inspiration

The food was terrible, but it was the only place to get a burger, so people ate the food anyway. This gave Plankton and Mr. Krabs an idea to make their own burger called the Plab Patty.


Because Stinky Burgers was extremely filthy and disgusting, it was closed down by the health department for cleanliness issues. Outside the brick wall was also a bin that was spilled, which caused bad germs.
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