Sticky Fins Whiting is a prisoner who appears in the episodes "The Getaway" and "The Krusty Slammer."


He is a light pale blue muscular fish and has a light blue dorsal fin. He wears a black and white striped jail outfit. He has a five o' clock shave and wears a hat the same color as his shirt.

Role in series

"The Getaway"

Sticky Fins Whiting is seen escaping the Bikini Bottom Jail when SpongeBob meets him. He hops into a car with SpongeBob and decides to use SpongeBob's naivety to steal from various stores, such as a jewelry store and an electronic store. Unfortunately for him, Sticky Fins gains various injuries from SpongeBob's rampant driving.

Instead of trying to resist imprisonment, he directly runs into solitary confinement, pleading to be kept away from SpongeBob forever.

"The Krusty Slammer"

Sticky Fins is one of the various prisoners imprisoned in the Krusty Slammer.


  • He is the second criminal to take advantage of SpongeBob to commit a crime, only for it to be a downfall due to his naive annoyance, making him desperate to be far away from him; the first is the Tattletale Strangler.
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