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Steve is the cashier at the Toy Barrel who appears in the episode "Toy Store of Doom."


Steve is a slim, light mint green fish with a dark pink dorsal fin and dark olive green lips. He wears a white shirt, a green vest, a red bow tie with yellow spots, and a red hat with a yellow propeller.


Steve is deadpan and easily annoyed, rarely showing emotion or happiness. He apparently thinks Frank the guard is not very bright, since he corrects his name-calling. Like most of the Bottomites, he finds SpongeBob and Patrick's childish antics to be annoying.

Despite his distaste for his job, he is shown gleefully encouraging the group of children after opening the store on its second day.

Role in episode

Steve is first seen after he is pointed out by SpongeBob. SpongeBob then starts to sing to him, much to Steve's annoyance.

Later, Steve closes down the Toy Barrel after Frank confirms that he saw nobody left in the store.

The next day, Steve opens the Toy Barrel, telling the kids to have fun, and is surprised to see SpongeBob and Patrick leave from the store after he opened it, realizing that they hid in the store at night and narrowly avoided getting caught trespassing.


  • His name was thought to be Frank by Frank the guard, coincidentally enough.
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