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Stanley S. SquarePants[1] is the cousin of SpongeBob SquarePants, BlackJack, and Todd SquarePants. He is also the son of Sherm SquarePants and the nephew of Harold and Blue SquarePants. He is the grandson of Grandma and Grandpa SquarePants. He first debuts in the episode of his name, and later in the video game SpongeBob SquigglePants.


Stanley seems to wear clothing extremely similar to SpongeBob's, except Stanley does not have the lines SpongeBob has on his pants. He also has long pants and black hair split into two sides.

According to Mr. Krabs, he looks, smells, and tastes like SpongeBob.

He appears to be the tallest member of the SquarePants family. He also seems to be one of the few in the family to have a human-shaped body but has a square head.

Abilities and talents

Stanley is a complete klutz as he cannot do anything right. Anything he tries to do will fail horrifically, regardless of how simple and inconsequential it would be for another person. For example, the scene where Stanley simply touched SpongeBob's TV resulted in said television exploding. His sole talent would appear to be destroying things without even trying, which Mr. Krabs used to destroy the Chum Bucket. However, he does have several abilities to point out:

  • Invulnerability - He seemed uninjured when the Chum Bucket exploded while Stanley was in the interior.
  • No bones - He was capable of squeezing in a cardboard box which is small compared to his body.
  • Destruction - Everything he touches breaks or explodes.


Stanley willfully tries to attempt to find a hobby or occupation, always resulting in chaos or failure. Appearing to be amazed by SpongeBob's lifestyles, he skims SpongeBob's house, touching everything from the toilet to the television, despite knowing that he breaks anything he comes in contact with using his hands. He has little care for the property.

Antagonistic side

Stanley destroys his cousin's house, showing no concern for the latter's belongings with his fascination.

When Stanley takes a job at the Krusty Krab, he shows no regard for SpongeBob, who took the blame whenever Stanley sets something on fire, causing the better worker to be put on probation. He took pictures of his first customer and in one he even kissed him when he was wearing a wedding dress, and SpongeBob got mad where Stanley then took another picture of him when he pretends to be mad at him. The customer gets even angrier and explodes literally.

He makes SpongeBob do all the work of ordering and cooking and messes up his station, while Stanley prints his photos. He breaks SpongeBob's spatula and SpongeBob cannot take it anymore, so he confesses to covering for Stanley. After his cousin's outburst, Stanley realizes his error and breaks down at both failing SpongeBob and causing more destruction in the process. In the end, they make amends and are seen walking to their jobs.


Stanley attempted to become a scientist when visiting Sandy, but was recommended against it. He took a job as the cashier in the Krusty Krab and failed due to his doom-inducing curse. When Mr. Krabs realizes this, he gave Stanley the assignment of destroying the Chum Bucket.


Stanley was born to Sherm SquarePants and an unknown Mrs. SquarePants.

In the episode of his name, Stanley was sent to live with SpongeBob for somehow breaking everything he touches and not being able to do anything right in his life. SpongeBob helps him out, only to fail at first. Mr. Krabs finally helps by giving Stanley a job at the Chum Bucket, much to his amusement when Stanley destroys the restaurant during his appearance.


His episode debut noted that he lived with his father, Sherm. Stanley stated he does not have several things in his house, unlike SpongeBob.

Sherm does not let him touch anything in his house since Stanley would destroy it on contact, regardless of his intentions.


  • It is said that Stanley breaks everything he touches, but he does not break the camera when he is taking pictures with the customer.
  • He shares the same hairstyle as his cousin BlackJack.


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