"Stanley S. SquarePants" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from . In this episode, .

"Stanley S. SquarePants" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season five.

Brief summary: SpongeBob's Uncle Sherm SquarePants leaves him a note, and Stanley SquarePants, Spongebob's cousin, comes for a visit, thus, creating chaos in Bikini Bottom.


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SpongeBob's Uncle Sherm just sent Stanley to stay with him until he gets his life straight. While trying to help him, Stanley keeps destroying things by touching them, which causes SpongeBob trouble.


  • Stanley: He's right (starts sobbing) I ruin everything I touch!
  • Squidward: You mean... there's two of them...?
  • Stanley: We're related!
  • Squidward: *screams and moves houses*
  • Plankton: I can't believe it! That fool Krabs hiring the blood relative of his best worker! *big explosion as Mr. Krabs watches through windows* Well, that's the end of me.
  • Stanley: Sorry, boss.



  • When Stanley changes the channels on the television, a tribute to Rocky and Bullwinkle can be seen.
  • Even though there is a special guest the opening credits last only eight seconds.
  • This episode was set to premiere with "To Save a Squirrel" but aired with "Banned in Bikini Bottom instead.
  • Both, Sandy's and Squidward's relatives can be seen.
  • When Mr.Krabs yells at Spongebob, he shrinks in size into his pants. His sleeves shrink in size with him, when they should stay the same.
  • The Reading Glasses Spongebob wore are the same ones that he uses to go Jellyfishing.
  • In Germany, this episode calls "Stanley S. Schwammkopf" which means "Stanley S. Spongehead".
  • Mr. Krabs having three nephews may be a reference to Donald Duck having three nephews.
  • The fact the Mr. Krabs's nephews solve mysteries is a possible reference to "DuckTales"
  • Sandy is shown to have a Scottish relative, possibly meaning that her relative lived in Scotland and Sandy lived in Texas, or the relative lived in Scotland before moving to Texas.
  • Patrick only has 6 lines.
  • When Sandy's relative from Scotland speaks, he or she is blowing on a pipe, and a bubble comes out and it comes out of his or her helmet and pops. That is impossible unless there is a door where the bubble can leave from. Otherwise, it went right through the glass.
  • the title card is similar to The Bully
  • The Title card is Similar to Truth or Square
  • Squidward's teenage-style family member is blond, as Squidward in the flashbacks of The Original Fry Cook was depicted with as Squidward's hair color.

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