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Squog is one of Squidward Tentacles' prehistoric ancestors. He first appears in the episode "Ugh."


Squog looks very similar to Squidward, except he has a five-o'clock shadow, a unibrow, some black hairs on his head, and one tooth. He also wears a stereotypical caveman outfit instead of a shirt.

He owns a house and two clubs and apparently, the clubs have emotions of some sort, as one cries when Squog chooses the other to go yell at Prehistoric Gary with. Most of the time he slips on the slime trail of Prehistoric Gary. His neighbors are SpongeGar and Patar.


He enjoyed painting like his descendant, Squidward, but unlike him, he is more talented. There is no record of him playing an instrument aside from the primitive clarinet he had.


At some point, he lives in a primitive house that's reminiscent of a "Moai," giant statues found on Easter Island also referred to as the Easter Island Heads.

At some point, he met Patar and SpongeGar.

Along with Patar and SpongeGar, they discovered fire.

Role in series


He discovers fire in this episode along with SpongeGar and Patar, who are also his neighbors. Squog likes hitting SpongeGar with a club and was fighting for the log that contained fire.

At the end, the fire is put out and Squog is struck by lightning.

"Atlantis SquarePantis"

He makes a cameo along with Patar and SpongeGar during Squidward's song in the cave scene.

"Not Normal"/"Squid's Visit"

Squog appears as one of Squidward's self-portraits.

Role in games

B.C. Bowling

Squog appears as a bowler whom the player can choose.

Lights, Camera, Pants!

In the PC version of the video game, SpongeBob goes back in time and sees a giant jellyfish stinging Sqoug and he runs to his house in pain. SpongeBob comes in and gives him Kevin's Ointment, after which his wounds then disappear.

Later, SpongeBob asks him to be an actor in The New Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy; Squog accepts it.

A Mission Through Time

He could be seen next to SpongeGar.


He is the oldest known member of the Tentacles family and has six tentacles like the rest of the family and he too is an octopus.


  • The Xfinity closed-captions spell Squog's name as "Squag."

YTV captions error.

  • On YTV and Nickelodeon Canada, the closed-captions spell Squog's name as "Squd."
  • He is the first ancestor of Squidward to be shown in the series.