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Good luck, next Tuesday! I hope the audience brings lots of ibuprofen.
— Squilliam to Squidward, "Band Geeks"

Squilliam Fancyson[1] III[2] is a very wealthy and self-serving octopus who first appears in the episode "Band Geeks" and is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He met Squidward Tentacles in high school band class and became his arch-rival. Squilliam has succeeded in everything Squidward has failed in and thus looks down upon his arch-rival. Squidward is painfully jealous and wishes to prove to Squilliam that he is not a loser.

Like other octopus characters, Squilliam's character model is nearly identical to Squidward's, but he has a unibrow and wears a fancy maroon smoking jacket. He owns a private yacht, a private lake, a private heliport, a private island, and a balloon/casino. He owns a fancy tower which makes an appearance in "House Fancy."


Squilliam's model sheet

Squilliam is an octopus with six tentacles. He wears a maroon smoking jacket with a black collar and sleeves and a purple ascot. Squilliam has a large black unibrow. In "Band Geeks," he shows pride in it when he calls it "big and valuable." In "Professor Squidward," this feature is how the police tell him apart from Squidward. In "House Fancy," Squilliam has a large replica of his unibrow that is made entirely out of gilded doorknobs.


Squilliam tells Squidward about the show at the Bubble Bowl

Squilliam is rich and fancy. He makes no secret that he considers himself superior to others due to his enormous wealth. He is mean, selfish, sadistic, arrogant, and takes great pleasure in asserting his perceived superiority over middle-class citizens like his arch-rival Squidward. He also speaks in a very mocking tone, placing great emphasis on his low regard for Squidward and on an equally large amount of inflated praise in his lavish lifestyle. Even though he presents himself as a total jerk, he somehow makes friends easily, most likely due to his immense wealth.

Squilliam appears to be even more narcissistic than Squidward and considers himself to be undeniably handsome, even though he and Squidward look alike (except for the unibrow). Squidward and Squilliam absolutely despise each other because Squilliam boasts about everything he succeeds in to Squidward and is always mocking him for being of lower class.


Squidward Tentacles

Squidward and Squilliam's rivalry dates back to high school band class. Squilliam was notable for being very successful while Squidward works at a run-down restaurant as a cashier and envies Squilliam for his success. Squilliam's wealth caused him to become an arrogant, selfish and self-serving millionaire, and he likes to humiliate and mock Squidward. Their relationship doesn't change much throughout the episodes. However, Squidward proves that he can sometimes triumph over Squilliam, such as in the episode "Band Geeks" where Squidward's band turns out to actually be good and discredits Squilliam's assumption that Squidward is a subpar musician. Squidward embraced his band's music and Squilliam was stunned so much that he fainted. In "House Fancy," Squilliam becomes distraught that Squidward was crowned the new prince of the show House Fancy because of Squidward's demolished house who the show's host, Nicholas Withers, compares to the work of famous designer, Saul Limpkins. In the episode "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful," Squilliam becomes upset when his statue melted because of the stench of Squidward's statue (made of garbage) and it resulted in him getting a ticket, much to his shock and Squidward's amusement.

Squilliam pitches a fit because he lost as House Fancy prince of the year

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob and Squilliam rarely or even barely interact, but their relationship is neutral. At the very end of the episode in "House Fancy," when Squilliam cries in despair over his loss, SpongeBob pats him to comfort him. In "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful," when SpongeBob made Squidward's statue made out of trash, Squidward doesn't like it and Squilliam congratulates SpongeBob for making this statue. In "Code Yellow," Squilliam's head is replaced as Squidward's nose. Squidward (and Squilliam) are angry at SpongeBob for this surgery and yell: "No!"


Squilliam Fancyson was born to a wealthy family and attended high school along with Squidward Tentacles. In band class with him, they were rivals with each other because Squilliam was more popular than Squidward and after finishing high school, he became more successful in life than Squidward.

"Band Geeks"

Incidentals 25 and 26 carry Squilliam away

Squilliam's first appearance is in this episode. He challenges Squidward to play his band at the Bubble Bowl, as his own band could not make it. However, at the end of the episode, Squilliam arrives at the Bubble Bowl anyway to watch Squidward fail, but upon seeing the band's performance of "Sweet Victory," Squilliam has a heart attack while fainting and gets carried away on a stretcher by Incidental 25 and Incidental 26.

"Squilliam Returns"

Squidward imagining Squilliam in his underwear

Squilliam entering the Krusty Krab

Squidward tells Squilliam that he is the owner of a five-star restaurant in an attempt to show him up. Although Squilliam is initially impressed by SpongeBob's newfound fine dining expertise, Squidward is ultimately humiliated when SpongeBob cannot remember his own name and goes insane and destroys the restaurant.

When Squidward tells the truth, Squilliam seems to confess that he lied about his life to upstage and beat Squidward, only to reveal that he was just joking and takes everyone for a ride in his balloon/casino.

"House Fancy"

Squilliam's ridiculously luxurious house is featured on the TV show of the same name. Squidward's jealousy once again gets the better of him when he calls the show's host, Nicholas Withers, claiming that his house is better than Squilliam's.

Although Squidward's house is destroyed as a result of his attempts to make it fancier, Withers sees his destroyed house as a work of art, proclaims it to be better than Squilliam's, and says it will be featured on a one hour special episode of House Fancy. Squilliam breaks down and falls over, in tears, as he is once again upstaged by Squidward.

"Professor Squidward"

He is shown to be so highly admired and respected by everyone, that he was going to be offered a job as a music teacher at the Bikini Bottom Prestigious Music College. However, Squidward claims to be him so that he can teach the class himself. The real Squilliam then shows up and has Incidental 118, Incidental 41, and Incidental 118B arrest Squidward for impersonating him.

"I ♥ Dancing"

Squilliam also appears at the end of "I ♥ Dancing," where after the agent fish gives Squidward the part of a line dancer for Squilliam, Squilliam begins to abusively train Squidward in the same manner that Squidward did to SpongeBob.

"Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful"

When Squidward finds out that Squilliam had a statue built in his honor for cleaning Bikini Bottom in one week, he tries to beat that record. At the end, Squilliam's statue melts and the cop gives him a ticket.

"Back to the Past"

In an alternate timeline, SpongeBob and Patrick from the original timeline walk by him putting up a sign in Man Rayopolis.

"Code Yellow"

Squilliam makes a cameo as one of the many noses SpongeBob offers Squidward while operating on him.

"The Check-Up"

Squilliam makes a cameo in one of the many photos framed on the X-ray photo booth.


Squilliam and his group of friends

  • In a September 2019 trivia game, Rodger Bumpass partially remembered this character's name. When he was asked who Squidward's rival from "Band Geeks" was, he said "Fancyson the Third."
  • In some international dubs, Squilliam's voice actor is the same as Squidward's.
  • He has not appeared in person since the episode "Back to the Past" from season 7.
    • Thus, he has not appeared in person for a decade.
    • This is also the only time he appears without Squidward.
    • Both of the episodes he has since cameoed in are medically themed.
    • According to Vincent Waller, Squilliam is not likely to be returning anytime soon from July 15, 2019.[3]
  • "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" is the first episode where Squilliam and Squidward both lose because they both get tickets, along with SpongeBob.
  • In the Croatian dub, his surname is "Zgodnić," which translates to "Handsome."
  • Squilliam also plays the clarinet, as seen in the episode "Professor Squidward."
  • In the Castilian Spanish dub, he has a different name almost in every episode where he appears.
    • In "Band Geeks," he is called "Esquilliam."
    • In "Squilliam Returns," he is called "Guimardo."
    • In "House Fancy," he is called "Calamardi Elegantínez."
    • In "Professor Squidward," he is called "Calamarón El Guay III."
    • In "I ♥ Dancing" and "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful," he is called "Calamarino."
    • In "Back to the Past," he is mistaken with Squidward and even has the same voice actor as him.
  • His name is a portmanteau of the words "squid" and "William."


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