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Squidward's self-portraits are artworks by Squidward that appear in many episodes involving his house. They first appear in the episode "Opposite Day."


The entirety of Squidward's work consists of self portraits created with a variety of mediums and artistic styles, from realistic to wildly abstract. The numerous works of Squidward's visage are hung in his red-walled studio.


  • One of Squidward's self-portraits is a painting of a clown.
  • They seem to change locations in different episodes. In "Opposite Day" and "Squid's Visit," they are located upstairs. In "Not Normal," they are located downstairs in the living room.
  • In the episode "Squid's Visit," SpongeBob manages to copy Squidward's entire wall of self-portraits. Squidward admits that they are even better than his.
  • "Squid's Visit" is the only episode that has a screenshot of over one-hundred paintings.
  • One of Squidward's paintings resembles one of Picasso's paintings.
  • There is a portrait of Squidward featured in the game SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, which resembles one of Van Gogh's self-portraits.
  • The last reported number of self-portraits that Squidward has is 492.