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If you were looking for the article about the song, then see Squidward's Back (song).

"Squidward's Back" is a SpongeBob SquarePants possibility short. In this short, Squidward gets his own fake theme song.



In the beginning of the short, the narrator explains that Squidward does not have his own show yet, but if he did the theme song would sound something like the song played next.

The singer then sings about Squidward leaving his friends and coming back with his own show, and then about the things Squidward likes to do. A video is also shown showing clips of previous episodes to match the lyrics. Near the end, Squidward plays a terrible clarinet solo. The last clip shows everyone hugging Squidward until he tells them to stop.

At the end, the narrator says that the aforementioned show is "fake, faker than fake, 100% fake" and they should not try to look for it on TV because it does not exist. He also mentions that if the show did exist, it would be totally awesome.