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Squidmund is Squidward's cousin who appears in SpongeBob Comics No. 24, in the comic "Squidmund Visits."


He is a turquoise octopus who closely resembles his cousin, but has six black hairs on his head and wears glasses, a white shirt, and a light brown tie. He has the same light yellow eyes with mahogany brown pupils as Squidward.


Unlike his cousin, Squidmund is very fun-loving and cheerful as he enjoyed playing with SpongeBob and Patrick from the moment he meets them.

He does not get along with Squidward as he was told by his mother that Squidward was a "fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-muddy" and found out that she was right.


  • His name is a play on the name Edmund.
  • It's unknown if he is the paternal or maternal cousin of Squidward.
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