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Not to be confused with Squilvia, a character with a similar name.
No one beats the nerd out of Squidina!
— Squidina, "Goons on the Moon"

Squidina Star[1][2] is a squid featured in both the original series and the spin-off The Patrick Star Show. In the original series, she is introduced as one of Pearl's friends. In The Patrick Star Show, she is portrayed as Patrick Star's adopted sister.[7] She is voiced by Jill Talley, who also voices Karen Plankton.

Squidina has a nerdy personality which contrasts with Pearl's more outgoing demeanor. Squidina first appears in the season 11 episode "Goons on the Moon," in which she and Pearl become "Science Scouts" and journey to the moon.


She is a lavender squid with four legs and two arms. She will often use two of her legs as extra arms if required. In the original series, she has a single tooth.

In The Patrick Star Show, she wears a light yellow polo t-shirt and a reddish-orange/orangish-red plaid skirt. She also wears black glasses. She doesn’t wear any underwear confirmed in "Enemies à la Mode."


She has a nerdy personality and enjoys comic books and action figures. In the original series, she is a teenager like Pearl, and she has a job (as a waitress at Goofy Goober's). In The Patrick Star Show, she is a nine-year-old, but retains the same personality and voice.

Role in series

SpongeBob SquarePants

"Goons on the Moon"

Pearl and Squidina.

She goes on the trip to the moon along with Sandy, Pearl, and SpongeBob. She and Pearl get into fights along the way, with them being about Pearl's status as a cheerleader and herself being a nerd. Eventually the pair both realize how scary it is on the Moon and hug each other out of comfort. They both apologize for giving the other a hard time and seem to become friends later. After the adventure, the two decide to go hang out.

"The Goofy Newbie"

She appears as a waitress at Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat, where she is exasperated at Patrick sampling the ice cream and not buying any. When Patrick tries to sample multiple flavors at once with a snow shovel, she has enough and calls the Goofy Goober to kick him out.

The Patrick Star Show

In the spin-off, Squidina appears as Patrick's adopted sister. The spin-off takes place in the recent past, and Squidina is slightly younger (nine years old).[1] She is the in-universe producer of Patrick's talk show, The Patrick Show!.

"Late for Breakfast"

She gets Patrick to the stage and becomes the show's announcer, as well as the producer. She then asks Patrick what today's show is about. When he says he's hungry, she mistakes that as the title of today's show, and rolls the commercial, which is an ad for The Chum Bucket. She then shows up at breakfast for pancakes, and she's trying to book an imaginary app for Patrick's imaginary TV show. She then gets on the back of GrandPat's scooter to get her dad to work, and is seen absent for most of the episode. She appears again in the cooking segment, and wears fire safety clothes to keep from getting burned. She then puts on the fake credits for the show and congratulates Patrick for the food-themed episode. Then at dinner, she gobbles down Bunny's trash-erole, like the ret of her family. She then says she booked a Sponge with SquarePants who does a bubble act, and gladly says she did it with her toy telephone. She then lets out a moo, and her family laughs. She then goes to bed and wishes goodnight to her brother.

"Bummer Jobs"

She congratulates her father Cecil for earning $6 in coupons. She tells Patrick that her dream job, which she already has, is producing The Patrick Show! and tells him that it's time to start the show. She announces for the job-themed episode. When Patrick and SpongeBob go look for jobs, she put a camera on her bike helmet and put the show on mobile that day. She then announces today's commercial, which is a clip of an episode of Noir-Sense, while Patrick and SpongeBob had a lunch break. When Patrick and SpongeBob need to get all of Cecil's unpaid coupons, Squidina says on a card that they've got to be like tough guys on TV. After the show, she asks Patrick what he has learned.


Squidina (right) on the moon with Pearl.

  • She is the only character to have "squid" in their name who is actually a squid instead of an octopus.
  • It is ironic that she is friends with Pearl, as in the real world, sperm whales and giant squids have a predator-prey relationship.
  • In the theme song to The Patrick Star Show, she squirts ink when she is surprised like Squidward. However, Squidward is an octopus while Squidina is a squid.