No one beats the nerd out of Squidina!
— Squidina, "Goons on the Moon"

Squidina is Pearl's good friend. She was once enemies with Pearl, but they made up and decided to stop their fights. She has a nerdy personality and enjoys comic books and action figures. She appears in the episodes "Goons on the Moon" and "The Goofy Newbie."


She is a purple squid with four legs and two arms (though she will often use two of her legs as extra arms if required), and has a single tooth.

Role in episode

"Goons on the Moon"

She goes on the trip to the moon along with Sandy, Pearl, and SpongeBob. She and Pearl get into fights, along the way with them being about Pearl's status as a cheerleader and herself being a nerd, which in nature, squids and whales are natural enemies. She has a nerdy personality.

"The Goofy Newbie"

She appears as a waiter at Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat, where she is exasperated at Patrick sampling the ice cream and not buying any. When Patrick tries to sample multiple flavors at once with a snow shovel, she has enough and calls the Goofy Goober to kick him out.


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