Squidette[1] is an octopus who lives in Tentacle Acres. She appears in the episode "Squidville."


She is a light blue octopus who has black hair and wears a pink sweater and purple pants. Her head inflates when she laughs.



She likes to play croquet at the park located inside Tentacle Acres.


She, like Squidward, also lives in an Easter Island Head, but only in Tentacle Acres.

Role in episode

She appears playing croquet at the Tentacle Acres park and falls victim to Squidward's reef blower pranks.

She is later asked by SpongeBob if she is Squidward, to which she responds "no."


Grandma's Kisses and Squidville credits.png

  • Squidette's name is never mentioned in the episode, but the credits reveal it.
  • Her name is a portmanteau of "Squid" and any name that ends with "ette."
  • Her laugh causes an inflated head instead of Squidward's laugh in which his nose is inflated.


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