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And I thought my friends were primitive.

The Squidasaurus Rex is a minor character in the movie The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water and its video game adaptation, SpongeBob HeroPantsPatrick befriends him since he took him from prehistoric times.


The Squidasaurus Rex is a Tyrannosaurus rex-based dinosaur. He has Squidward's head and sharp teeth. Two fangs stick upwards out of his mouth when it is closed. Like Squidward, he is turquoise and has light yellow eyes with mahogany-brown pupils. Instead of tentacles, he has the same limbs as a Tyrannosaurus rex. The neck also appears to get thinner towards the head.

Despite his primal nature, the Squidasaurus Rex has shown to be intelligent enough to have emotion and speak in a deep English accent. He also seemed to recognize that habits of the Bikini Bottomites were no better than its primitive kind. The Squidasaurus Rex has also shown to have modern eating habits, but has trouble getting food to his mouth due to his small arms.

He is the first living Squid-saur and does not reveal why his other family is not a half-dinosaur.

Role in movie

Squidasaurus Rex appears in the future.

He first appears when Patrick accidentally takes Plankton's time machine for a joyride, thinking it is a photo booth (which the time machine was made out of). Patrick then returns to the present, saying he has a message from the dawn of time and quickly tells everyone to run. The cephalopod/dinosaur bursts out of the time machine and does a short rampage as Squidward points at him and shouts his name in fear.

The Squidasaurus only stops when he and the others notice SpongeBob having a mental breakdown while mixing trash with recyclables. Later, at SpongeBob's execution, the Squidasaurus Rex is among the audience where he looks around at the cheering crowd and reveals that he can speak, as he says that he thought his friends were primitive, since it is the only member of the group to not have a Krabby Patty and therefore does not get enraged like the rest of the town.

Squidasaurus Rex tries to eat a Krabby Patty.

He makes his final appearance in the movie at the Krusty Krab, sitting with his new friend, Patrick, and trying to eat a Krabby Patty. Since his arms are too small, they cannot reach his mouth.

Role in SpongeBob HeroPants

He appears as the boss of the prehistory world in this game. However, this time he is called Squidwardosaurus Rex. His main role in this game is making dinosaur noises and chasing after the player(s). The only way to beat Squidwardosaurus Rex is by having the player outrun him. Once the player has outrun him, a cutscene plays which shows Squidwardosaurus Rex randomly running off a cliff only to fall down. Meanwhile, the player is still on the edge of the same cliff.


Squidasaurus Rex in a deleted scene.

  • As stated by Squidward in SpongeBob HeroPants, Squidasaurus Rex is said to be a distant relative of Squidward.[1]
  • In a deleted scene from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, SpongeBob and Plankton time-traveling to the Mesozoic era, where they encounter Patrickosaurus and Squidasaurus Rex. This scene was taken out of the movie, but was instead put in the video game, as our heroes encounter both dinosaurs. This was either cut to save time or to surprise the audience when Patrick returns to the present with the Squidasaurus Rex.


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