Squidabeth is a character who appears in the episode "The Night Patty."


Squidabeth is an aquamarine vampire octopus who has blue hair done up in a bouffant with pencils holding it in place, and wears a white shirt with golden sleeves, and a light blue skirt that resembles the webbing of a vampire squid. She has tentacles, much like other octopuses, but is able to float. She looks similar to Squilvia.

Role in episode

When Patrick is showing SpongeBob the Krusty Krab's night shift, he introduces him to Squidabeth, the cashier. After some introductions, SpongeBob tries to order a Krabby Patty, but Squidabeth reveals that they are not sold during the night shift. Patrick orders a Great Pacific Garbage Patch for him and SpongeBob, and she later lets SpongeBob talk to chef Barry Blobfish.

Soon after, she announces that the night train has arrived. SpongeBob, who has taken Barry's place, cooks some Krabby Patties for the hungry customers. When the customers dislike the food, Squidabeth chastises SpongeBob for cooking "daytime" food, and demands that he cook actual food. However, she changes her tune when she sees that he has made some Night Patties, and goes on to give the customers the said burgers.

Later, Squidabeth is filing her tentacles when The Fisherman comes into the restaurant. She opens the cash register for him and later defends him when SpongeBob stops his theft. She soon announces the end of the night shift and tells SpongeBob to visit soon as she leaves with Barry, Nosferatu, and the Fisherman.

Squidabeth and everyone else in the night shift are soon revealed to be an illusion created by The Tidal Zone, and she is seen flying around the Tidal Zone as the French Narrator talks about SpongeBob's adventure in the night shift.


  • Her name is a parody of the name "Elizabeth."
  • She is based on stereotypical American diner waitresses with southern accents.
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