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"Squid on Strike" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 2. In this episode, Squidward finally snaps at Mr. Krabs for the ways of his cheapness, and takes SpongeBob with him to go on strike.



After finding profits to be slightly lower than usual at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs decides to start billing his employees for doing the most normal things including talking, chewing, breathing, lollygagging, and even existing. Squidward finds this to be outrageously unfair, and he convinces SpongeBob that they should go on strike. SpongeBob, initially not knowing what it means to go on strike, is devastated when he is fired. Squidward, however, assures him that he will have his job back "and more."

"You didn't tell me I was gonna get fired!"

Squidward starts them off by making SpongeBob throw his hat on the ground, but he couldn't do it since he refuses to let go of his own hat, making Squidward get a ticket for littering from the police. Then he makes a sign stating "Krusty Krab Unfair," but SpongeBob writes his as "Krusty Krab Funfair," making the restaurant more popular. Squidward then has SpongeBob memorize derogatory slogans about Mr. Krabs and the restaurant, though their meaning flies over SpongeBob's head. He draws the attention of an eager young teenager who thinks of SpongeBob as a living legend. Rather than joining him in the strike, however, he heads inside the restaurant to take SpongeBob's job.

Squidward then attempts to give a speech to the people of Bikini Bottom, who grow so excited by his words that they build up an appetite and rush over him to eat at the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs steps outside to taunt him about how beneficial the strike has been for his bottom line. Standing up for Squidward, SpongeBob turns against Mr. Krabs and tells him that they will stay on strike forever until his unfair pay deduction policy is abolished. The word "forever" accidentally strikes a nerve with Squidward, who grows deeply unsettled at the thought of being on a never-ending strike with SpongeBob.

Unable to sleep with this thought, Squidward runs to the door to beg Mr. Krabs for his job back. Opening it, he is surprised to find Mr. Krabs, who begs him and SpongeBob to return, saying that he cannot stand the teenagers he hired as replacements as they are ruining the place and will not leave him alone. As they walk to the Krusty Krab together, Squidward relishes how the tables have turned and begun discussing the terms of their return with Mr. Krabs.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob has taken the words of Squidward's speech to heart and spends the night literally dismantling the establishment that is the Krusty Krab. Squidward and Mr. Krabs soon arrive, having come to an agreement. Squidward is horrified to see the Krusty Krab in shambles, while SpongeBob stands proudly among the wreckage. When Mr. Krabs discovers his restaurant is completely destroyed, he literally falls to pieces and remarks that in order to pay for the damages, Squidward and SpongeBob will work for him forever. SpongeBob jumps in joy while realizing the true meaning of "forever," while Squidward suddenly once more takes in the full meaning of it.

SpongeBob and Squidward as skeletons.

One eternity later, SpongeBob and Squidward are shown as nothing but a (literal) skeleton crew, still working at the Krusty Krab, as the episode ends.

Running gags

  • Whenever there is a crowd going to the Krusty Krab, they run over Squidward.
  • Every time Squidward hears the word "forever" from SpongeBob, he is in shock, and the word echoes in his head.



 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield, Paul Tibbitt [Title card]
  The Girl I Left Behind Me - Brian Peters [Mr. Krabs is counting money.]
  Idea Vibe - Nicolas Carr ["Oh, that reminds me."]
  Tympup A - Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy [Squidward receives underwear in his paycheck.]
  Keel Row - Brian Peters ["Here's your check."]
  Up She Rises - Sam Spence [Squidward convinces SpongeBob to go on strike.]
  O Makalapua B - Kapono Beamer [SpongeBob crying.]
  The Irish Patriot - Sam Spence ["We are workers united!"]
  Harp! - Nicolas Carr ["And more?"]
  Militant Snare - Nicolas Carr ["All right, SpongeBob, now listen up."]
  Crocodile Tears (a) - David Bell, Otto Sieben [Squidward teaching SpongeBob how to strike/SpongeBob struggles to get rid of his hat/"Krusty Krab Unfair. Short, sweet, and to the point."]
  Hawaiian Link (A) - Richard Myhill ["Hey, thanks, dude!"]
  Astronauts March - Sam Spence [Squidward's speech]
  The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - Chelmsford Folk Band ["But they didn't, did they, Mr. Squidward?"]
  Troop Movement - Sam Fonteyn ["You can pick on me, but Squidward is a great leader."]
  Anguish - Richard Hill ["Forever! Forever! Forever!..."]
  Hawaiian Breeze - Jon Jelmer [Squidward imagines being on strike with SpongeBob forever.]
  Dramatic Impact (3) - Ivor Slaney [Squidward screams]
  The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (B) - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White [Mr. Krabs begs Squidward to come back.]
  Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield, Paul Tibbitt [Plays on record]
  Astronauts March - Sam Spence [SpongeBob dismantles the Krusty Krab.]
  Dramatic Cue (E) - Ronald Hanmer ["SpongeBob... what have you done?!"]
  Steel Licks 4 - Jeremy Wakefield [Mr. Krabs sits down.]
  Drunken Sailor (B) - Robin Jeffrey, Tim Laycock ["Forever!"]


  • "Squid on Strike" was ranked #88 during the Best Day Ever event from November 9–10, 2006.




  • According to the production code (5572-185), this was originally intended as a season 3 episode.
  • At the time the episode premiered in Brazil (2003), this episode was like a tribute to the then president of the Republic Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, amid Squidward's protests against the greed and lack of justice and loyalty of Mr. Krabs.
    • Lula Molusco (Squidward's name in Brazil) is President Lula's namesake.
  • Squidward had also quit his job or at least attempted to quit in "Fools in April," "Bossy Boots," and "Big Pink Loser."
  • It is revealed that Mr. Krabs keeps his dry-cleaning in envelopes.
  • The bill that Squidward gets means he has to pay $21.00:
    • Breathing: $1.00
    • Talking: $5.00
    • Standing: $10.00
    • Existing: $2.00
    • Lollygagging: $2.00
    • Chewing: $1.00
  • This episode spawned the following memes:
    • The word "forever" scene
    • Squidward making a speech on a megaphone
    • SpongeBob's sign
    • The "One Eternity Later" time card
    • SpongeBob and Squidward working as skeletons
  • Squidward and Mr. Krabs are in their regular clothes when they enter the destroyed Krusty Krab, but when they leave Squidward's house, they are wearing their pajamas.
  • This episode has the longest time period on a time card to date, "One Eternity Later."
  • In the Polish dub, the episode's title is "Strajk Skalmara," which translates to "Squidward's Strike."
  • In "Nature Pants" and "Patty Hype," SpongeBob willingly quits his job and throws his Krusty Krab hat down. However, in this episode, he says that the hat is his "friend" and cannot bear to discard it.
  • The "One Eternity Later" time card is the same as "The Paper" but a tad brighter and more zoomed in.
  • This is the second episode in which SpongeBob gets fired from Krusty Krab.
  • This episode was paired with different episodes:

Cultural references


Krusty or Krabs?.png
  • In the French dub, Sandals has two different voices.

    The pathway of the Chum Bucket is missing.

  • During the scene where Squidward imagines himself as an old man when it begins, his sign reads "Krusty Still Unfair," but when SpongeBob starts orbiting around Squidward, it reads "Krabs Still Unfair."
  • SpongeBob and Squidward are invertebrates, and therefore would have no skeletons to rot away to.
  • Throughout the entire episode, the path leading to the Chum Bucket and the building is missing.
  • When SpongeBob runs to the Krusty Krab to "dismantle the establishment," the sky looks like dawn is breaking. When he goes inside, it looks like nighttime again.

    SpongeBob with one tooth.

  • When Squidward says "And more," SpongeBob only has one tooth. This could be a conscious choice to make him look childishly happy, however.
  • After Squidward is run over by the crowd, he has three legs instead of four.
  • When Mr. Krabs walks into the destruction of the Krusty Krab, he walks like a regular person.
  • In the first two scenes, Mr. Krabs is in front of Squidward's house when Squidward opens the door. However, in the next scene by one frame, Mr. Krabs is teleported to the inside of Squidward's house.
  • When SpongeBob is sitting on his bed listening to the country record, the tiny bottom part of his right eye (the bottom white area and the bottom outline) between his right dimple and his nose is gone. His right eye is fixed when he blinks and kicks his left foot upward.
  • In the scene of the disassembled Krusty Krab where Mr. Krabs is about to walk inside, some of the letters of the Krusty Krab sign, K, which is attached to the clam, S, Y, R and A have fallen onto the ground. However, there is an extra letter T behind the clam.
  • When Squidward and Mr. Krabs are taking a walk, Squidward's mouth moves slightly off-sync while talking.
  • Mr. Krabs takes a walk with Squidward on the road and is about to walk to the right offscreen. However, in the next scene by one frame, The position of Mr. Krabs walking changes from on the road to offscreen where the road leading to the Chum Bucket used to be before he walks from offscreen straight to the disassembled Krusty Krab.
  • There is a grammar mistake in Mr. Krabs' line, "The teenagers I hired is ruining the place." It should be, "The teenagers I hired are ruining the place." This could just be due to his sailor accent, though.
  • There is a word mistake in Mr. Krabs' line, "Now I can fire them teenagers,…" It should be, "Now I can fire those teenagers,…" This could just be due to his sailor accent, though.



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