SquidBot is a giant robot who appears in the video game SpongeBob's Truth or Square as the second boss.


He closely resembles Squidward except he is metallic and possesses a single eye with a thick eyebrow, similar to Plankton. His body resembles Squidward's shirt in orange with two vertically placed red lights, resembling buttons. A meter can be seen on the upper left of his chest.

The robot has two metal tentacles that are separated with cables and the body's lower half are composed of four rounded metal plates that contains a load of Krabby Patties.

Role in game

After defeating Tenderizer, SpongeBob and Squidward are suddenly teleported to a factory full of Krabby Patties. Being oblivious to the surrounding, SpongeBob remembers the time when Squidward ate his first Krabby Patty. As he continues to describe the patty, Squidward screams and run away, hungry for a patty.

After the robot is defeated, a satisfied Squidward returns to SpongeBob, commenting on the taste of the patties. However, he pities SpongeBob for forgetting the formula's location and the fact that he will eventually forget how to make one, to SpongeBob's disappointment.


Console version

The battle starts with a brief cutscene, showing the arena. After a while, the player gains control of SpongeBob, who has to reach the other end of the arena to ride on a Gum Pad. SquidBot will shoot out minions to chase SpongeBob and will try to shoot bad music notes that can bounce off of solid objects, making it hard to dodge.

After reaching the GumPad, SquidBot will stop any actions and immediately blocks with his tentacles, while occasionally peeking. SpongeBob must launch himself to the eye whenever the robot peeks to damage it.

After a part has been emptied, the robot will consume a bunch of Krabby Patties and destroy parts of the arena, causing pipes to eject steam and ejecting SpongeBob from the Gum Pad and moving the platform that contains it to the other end of the arena. SquidBot will stretch his arms and rotate around the arena for a certain amount of time. SpongeBob has to jump over the tentacles or use the propeller attack to clash with the oncoming tentacle. SquidBot will eventually spawn minions and shoot music notes again. After reaching the Gum Pad, SpongeBob has to hit a sign to remove the water spray blocking the robot then proceed to hit the robot's eye.

When the second part has been emptied, the robot will eat and SpongeBob will be ejected once again. The last phase is the same as the second one except two signs have to be hit this time.

After the boss eats again, it will eventually explode, similar to Squidward's thighs in the episode that the fight is based on.

On the back of the platform where the Gum Pad is, a button can be slammed, which drops a box that contains a power-up. This will increase the damage dealt to SquidBot.

PSP version

Like most of the fights in this version, the fight is the same as the console versions. The only differences are the absence of clashing with any attacks, making the tentacle evasion harder. However, the metal frame of the arena can be run on, making the travel faster; due to the physics of the PSP version, the music notes will immediately explode when it comes in contact to anything solid instead of bouncing off. Visually, SquidBot is not shown eating patties and will instead explode because of the damage received from SpongeBob.


  • Like all bosses, the DS version has a different version of the fight, which has SpongeBob indirectly fighting the boss instead of directly damaging it.
  • In the console version, when the third phase starts, the player can immediately run towards the Gum Pad before the platform moves, giving them plenty of time to immediately hit the signs before they are supposed to. The player will also be immune to the arm attack since only the hand of the robot can damage the player.
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