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SquidBob TentaclePants is a fusion of both Squidward and SpongeBob. He is the main protagonist of the episode of the same name.


SquidBob's body consists of both SpongeBob and Squidward's head, arm, and leg(s) put together.

Role in episode

SquidBob originates after SpongeBob is teleported to the Krusty Krab using one of Sandy's inventions. Squidward had reached out his tentacle to open the door at exactly the same time, and accidentally puts his tentacle through SpongeBob's mouth. Sandy then teleports both of them back, causing them to be fused together. SpongeBob has his normal body, his left arm replaced Squidward's left tentacle and his right leg. Squidward's head sticks out from the top-left corner of SpongeBob's, his right tentacle replaced SpongeBob's right arm, and his two left tentacles took the place of SpongeBob's left leg, thus SquidBob is born.

Squidward complains that he cannot go to his clarinet recitals while stuck to SpongeBob, while SpongeBob says that they could now be "best buddies... forever." Sandy states that she was working on a new invention and Squidward tells her to hurry up and finish building it.

Squidward and SpongeBob then ride a bike to the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob says that he will drive, unintentionally knocking Squidward's head into the back wheel. They crash into the kitchen, where they are found by Mr. Krabs, who, after seeing their combined body, tells them to do their jobs anyway. However, Squidward has a difficult time reaching the cash register and SpongeBob cannot reach the buns.

Mr. Krabs throws them out, telling them not to come back until their problem is solved. They run into Sandy, who reveals her new invention. After explaining that it will not be ready until the day after the following day, Squidward tells her once again to hurry, since his clarinet recital is the next day.

The next night, SpongeBob encourages Squidward to do his performance at the recital. They wear a large cape so that only Squidward's head is visible, but it gets caught on a loose nail on the floor of the stage and gets torn, revealing SpongeBob's half. Surprisingly, the audience finds it amazing and applauses for them. Sandy then bursts through the door, shoots Squidward and SpongeBob with the Molecular Separator Ray, and splits them into themselves again.

After the audience leaves when Squidward plays terribly, he messes with it and unintentionally morphed himself with SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, Sandy, and Patrick. Squidward is then seen in a therapist room, explaining his situation to the therapist.


  • SquidBob has different appearances when Sandy tries zapping him back in the transporter in different locations and the transitions between the transporting.
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