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Bark bark!
— Spot, various episodes

Spot is Plankton's pet amoeba who first appears in the episode "Plankton's Pet."


Spot is a tiny, translucent, green amoeba, and is also just the right size for Plankton, considering he is a microscopic organism. He has one yellow eye, an antenna, a light-pink tongue, three dark green spots, and four legs on each side of his body. In "A Place for Pets, he has 2 eyes.

Personality and habits

He acts like a dog, in that he likes walking like one and barks. He also seems to be brave, protecting Plankton if he is in danger.

Abilities and talents

Despite his appearance, Spot is a very powerful character. He can easily attack and frighten other vicious creatures. He can grow very large and shrink with will. He can also be completely unharmed after getting crushed by an object, due to his squishy body. He can even cause a small earthquake by just shaking his body, which is very unusual, due to his size. He can also sit like a normal human being would.

Like all amoebas, Spot can also reproduce small amoeba puppies by eating a ton of food. He also seems to be unharmed by toxic items, such as fuel rods.

Role in series

"Plankton's Pet"

Plankton once again attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula and of course, he is unsuccessful as usual. He agrees with Karen that he should find something to get his mind off of the formula.

He decides to get a pet. He goes to the animal shelter with SpongeBob to find a pet. While browsing the pets, Plankton almost gets attacked by a rock monster. As the rock is about to devour Plankton, Spot comes in and barks at the rock and bites its tongue, which is holding Plankton and saves him. Plankton and Spot grow on each other and Plankton decides to adopt him as his pet.

Plankton wanted him to be a guard dog, but due to Spot being nice, he decides to make him a retriever. He also can grow in size and scare off any enemies who try to harm Plankton.

Spot also can eat a Krabby Patty in one bite. After he got one, he came to the Chum Bucket with it. He was offered half of Plankton's laboratory, but after eating the Krabby Patty, he got disciplined.

Spot goes missing after Plankton becomes upset with him. He looks all over for Spot, with SpongeBob's help. Eventually, Plankton finds Spot on his optical cornea because of the small size.

"Spot Returns"

In this episode, Plankton and Karen find out that Spot is pregnant because he is in a food-rich environment caused by Plankton feeding him every day. Eventually, Spot gives birth to the amoebas, and now Plankton has to take care of them without Karen because she goes "Cute Overload" and passes out. After calling SpongeBob to help him out, they go to the supermarket where Plankton tries to get Spot's puppies adopted but has a hard time trying to get them adopted properly.

After Mrs. Puff adopts a puppy, the puppy starts to worry about Plankton and its siblings and starts wrecking the house and takes something Mrs. Puff owns.

After Plankton finds out that all the puppies did the same thing that Mrs. Puff's puppy does, he gets SpongeBob to train them to secretly steal the Krabby Patty secret formula yet again.

SpongeBob helps out with Plankton controlling the puppies, and Plankton secretly has a plan to steal the recipe. After a long hard time controlling them, and getting them to do their job of the plan on how the formula will be taken, Plankton traps SpongeBob, so the puppies can steal the formula.

After successfully getting the formula, Plankton gets distracted by Karen falling to the ground, which gives SpongeBob time to escape and retrieve the formula.

Once SpongeBob retrieves the formula, he feeds the puppies too much Amoeba Treats. They then create more puppies to eventually become a huge puppy and takedown Plankton where he stands.

"Bottle Burglars"

While trying to retrieve the secret formula from Plankton, SpongeBob and Squidward come across a monster.

It is revealed that it is just Spot. Squidward tells SpongeBob to get Spot off of him, so SpongeBob grabs a spent fuel rod from the spent fuel rod bin, which attracts Spot. He throws it outside and Spot follows it out. SpongeBob then locks the door.

When Plankton goes to check the secret formula he stole, Spot was found in the safe with his fuel rod while the formula was gone and he electrocuted Plankton with the fuel rod by jumping onto him.

"Gary & Spot"

This episode reveals that Gary and Spot are secretly best friends and that they leave their homes to play with each other every night. After Gary helps Spot sneak out of the Chum Bucket, they play some wrestling and go to the Krusty Krab to eat Krabby Patties. However, their fun is ruined by Marvin, an animal control officer who tries to capture them in the Krusty Krab, but Gary and Spot manage to escape while Marvin gets punished by Mr. Krabs for setting his Mimeco alarm.

Gary and Spot later party with stray animals in an abandoned ship until Marvin manages to capture all of them but misses Gary and Spot. Gary and Spot go to the shelter to rescue the animals, but Marvin simply lets them free himself after Gary created Alice for him.

The two then go back to their homes.

"A Place for Pets"

When the customers in the Chum Bucket start crafting animal costumes to sneak into the Krusty Krab, Plankton decides to jump into Spot's mouth as part of a plan to steal the formula. However, Spot instead digests Plankton, before excreting his eye and wandering away.

Spot is later seen during the song "Pets Are People Too," where he is licking Plankton's eye.

Role in games

What's Your Bikini Bottom Pet?

He is one of the pets featured on the title screen in this online game/quiz.


  • Spot is the third occurrence of amoebas seen in the series. The first appearance of amoebas is in "Patty Hype" where Mr. Krabs watches a show about them on television, and the second appearance of amoebas is at the end of the episode "Goo Goo Gas."
  • Spot is the only character that acts like a dog besides worms and occasionally Patrick.