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If you were looking for the article about the patty from "The Inside Job," then see Sponge Patty.

Spongy Patties are expired, sponge-like patties served by the Krusty Sponge in the episode of the same name. They went on to poison the customers and turn them yellow and spotted like SpongeBob.


The patties are light yellow and spotted with light olive-green dots, just like SpongeBob. They were originally normal Krabby Patties that went "stale" because of Mr. Krabs' negligence and are poisonous to eat. This is what gave them their color.

Role in episode

They are accidentally invented when Mr. Krabs wants to make more room in the freezer for the SpongeBob ice cubes as part of the Krusty Sponge restaurant. He thinks that they look like SpongeBob and tells Squidward, the new fry cook, to cook them instead of the normal ones. He explains to him how they came into being and laughs it off. An appalled Squidward questions him on his reason for serving the patties, as Mr. Krabs only increases the price of the rancid patties.

When the Krusty Sponge customers eat them, they become yellow with green spots similar to SpongeBob's holes and have a stomach ache. Eventually, SpongeBob points out to Mr. Krabs on how he poisoned his customers after seeing the effects. One of the customers happens to be an undercover police officer. He arrests Mr. Krabs and sends him to court for it.


  • Mr. Krabs says that the Spongy Patties are Krabby Patties that were left out for a while. In the episode "Born Again Krabs," another Krabby Patty was left out but it was old and crusty, unlike the Spongy Patty.
    • Ironically, in that episode, Mr. Krabs himself becomes poisoned by eating it.