Sponge Shredder was composed by Nicolas Carr and Fabian Fernandez. The piece features a drum set, an electric guitar, and a bass guitar being played.


  • 113a. "Krusty Krushers" - Heavyweight champs introduced; "No living soul should suffer through what i've witnessed today."; SpongeBob and Patrick in the ring; Champions announced; SpongeBob and Patrick getting beat up; Paddleball; cement mixer; "Oh, no! Not the..."; Mr. Krabs trying to wake SpongeBob and Patrick up; "Oh, who am I kidding?"
  • 164b. "Pet Sitter Pat" - Patrick touches SpongeBob's bed.
  • 171a. "Karen 2.0" - Karen and Karen 2.0 fighting; "You heartless homepage-wrecking hussy!"
  • 173b. "Demolition Doofus" - Mrs. Puff's daydream; Lutefisk introduces contestants; Demolition derby begins; All of the drivers surround SpongeBob.
  • 178. "Hello Bikini Bottom!" - Mr. Krabs screams at the roadies; Collecting time.
  • 179a. "Extreme Spots" - Johnny rides the motorcycle through giant the bubble wand; Extreme dumpster diving.
  • 184a. "Jailbreak!" - "We're all big fans of that maniacal little miscreant!"; Prisoner is punched in the stomach, ejecting Plankton.
  • 208b. "Krusty Katering" - Kid with spiky shoes and helmet appears.
  • 210a. "Life Insurance" - Obstacle course is shown; Squidward climbing ladder.
  • 219b. "Larry the Floor Manager" - "Feel the burn!"
  • 234a. "Patnocchio" - "Ice cream! Yeah!"
  • 257a. "Handemonium" - Plankton offers to be the next oponent to Mr. Krabs in arm wrestling; Krabs arm wrestling with Chum Bucket's glove; Krabs gets defeated in arm wrestling.
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