SpongeBob? No! [computer voice] I am SpongeTron.
— SpongeTron, "SB-129"

SpongeTron[1] is a robot descendant of SpongeBob SquarePants who lives during the 41st century. He is seen in the episodes "SB-129" and "Ugh."

When Squidward arrives in the future, he shortly meets some SpongeTrons and Patrons in the kitchen area of the Krusty Krab, where the SpongeTrons work. There are 487 SpongeTrons, the official SpongeTron and one for each of the 486 letters of the alphabet. They are voiced by Tom Kenny.


His overall character is like SpongeBob's, but when he turns fully robotic, he turns in perfect square form with square eyes and a square nose and holes.


  • Rocket flight - SpongeTron has small rocket boosters that he can replace with his feet.
  • Hat brick - SpongeTron has a brick in his hat that he can drop on people.
  • Laser hammer - SpongeTron has a hammer that can shoot a laser beam that he used to thaw out Squidward.
  • Clones - SpongeTron has many other clones he may use at his disposal.
  • Intelligence - Being in the future would mean SpongeTron has a vast intellect.
  • Cooking - Since SpongeBob, SpongeTron's ancestor, was an excellent fry cook, that probably means that all the other SpongeTrons have the ability to cook as well.



SpongeTron's best friend is PatTron (a two-headed descendant of Patrick Star) and they all love jellyfishing, just like SpongeBob does.

Role in series


He is first seen in the episode "SB-129" when Squidward arrives in the future. One of the SpongeTron's first words after seeing Squidward is "Holy Krabby Patties!," probably meaning that Krabby Patties are still in the future, but may look chrome. He makes a computer click sound to turn robotic.

SpongeTron's legs double as rockets, which allows him to hover over the floor. He can also pull their ties to make a robotic arm come out of their hats, holding a brick that they then will drop. The original SpongeTron has been known to boast a chrome hammer that emits a red laser beam. He uses this to free Squidward from a block of ice. SpongeTron greets Squidward who initially mistook him for SpongeBob until being told otherwise. He then tells Squidward that he is in the future and tells him everything is chrome in his time. After Squidward confirmed his whereabouts in the future, SpongeTron introduces Squidward to his clone who he was shocked to see, since there were more lookalikes of his former neighbor. When Squidward voiced that he needs to do something, the clones pull out their jellyfishing nets and excitedly yell "Jellyfishing!" At that moment, their best friend PatTron appeared and SpongeTron greeted him.

After Squidward voiced his desire to return to his time, SpongeTron then directed him to the time machine and watched the Cephalopod leave while also waving goodbye.


SpongeTron briefly appears during the song "When Worlds Collide" in "Ugh."


  • "Welcome to the future!"
  • "Oops! Oh yeah, that one's the can opener."
  • "Greetings primitive!"
  • "SpongeBob?! No! [computer voice] I am SpongeTron."
  • "Well, why didn't you just ask? The time machine is right down the hall to the left!"
  • "Everything is chrome in the future!"
  • "Of course I'm right, Squidward. Just ask my clones: SpongeTrons X, Y, and Z."


  • The 486 SpongeTrons are possibly a reference to the 486 Intel CPU.
  • Some of the robot's features/gadgets are rocket jets in each leg, revealing himself to be a robotic SpongeBob, and pulling his tie to have a robotic arm come out and drop a brick on a person's head.
  • Some SpongeTrons' last names are X, Y, and Z, so some other SpongeTrons' last names will be the other 23 letters of the 26-lettered Latin alphabet and some numbers.
  • It is stated that there are 486 clones of the original model of SpongeTron, so he might be an animatronic robot (a robot designed to look like an animal, in this case, a sponge-like robot).
  • His name in the Hebrew dub is "Electro-Sponge."

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