SpongeFunnies is a group of three comic strips that make up the eighth and last comic of SpongeBob Comics No. 1, and are the start of the SpongeFunnies series of comic strips.



Smelly Flowers

Patrick wants SpongeBob to smell what he thinks is a flower, but SpongeBob says that it's actually a shoe. Patrick realizes this, and he is seen wearing flowers on his feet as he berates himself for mixing up the flower box and the shoe box again.

Wish Upon a What?!

SpongeBob sees a star and starts wishing on it, but he realizes that the star is actually Patrick. Patrick then becomes happy that SpongeBob knows that he's the star.

The Best Invention

Patrick, in excitement, goes to SpongeBob and tells him that he has invented the Krabby Patty. SpongeBob says that he didn't invent it, due to the Krabby Patty already existing. Patrick realizes this and then tries to pass off the Krabby Patty as his own invention: the "Schmabby Blatty."



SpongeBob Comics No. 1 (VE)

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