SpongeBoy was the original name for SpongeBob SquarePants. The name was created by Stephen Hillenburg but was changed to 'SpongeBob' after it was discovered that the name was copyrighted; it was already taken by a mop company.


His appearance was practically the same as SpongeBob's, except he wore a green hat. He also had longer and pointier shoes along with the hat. He seemed to have a goofier facial expression in contrast to the modern-day SpongeBob.


  • With the name of this character, the original name for the show was going to be "SpongeBoy, Ahoy!".
  • In the episode "Squeaky Boots," Mr. Krabs calls SpongeBob "SpongeBoy, me bob!," a reference to his original name.
  • SpongeBoy has 13 holes always visible on his head. SpongeBob has seven.
  • There is a reference to this prototype in "One Trick Sponge" when SpongeBob says "I've been trying to learn this trick since I was a SpongeBoy."
  • In the episode "Dream Hoppers," SpongeBoy is visible on a TV in SpongeBob's dream for a split-second.
  • In The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, the image of SpongeBoy is seen in a dedication to Stephen Hillenburg.


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