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"SpongeBob Theme II" (alternate titles: "SpongeBob Theme"; "SpongeBob Theme 2"; "SpongeBob Theme Two"; "Hawaiian Misadventures"; "Hawaiian Misadventures B") was composed by Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, and Jeremy Wakefield. The music consists of a bouncy island tune and is a newer, extended version of SpongeBob Theme.

The main instruments being played in this piece includes the ukulele, the steel guitar, bass, and whistles. It mostly plays as title card music or when something enthusiastic occurs.

It mostly plays in season 6.




Without steel guitar

  • 119b. "Overbooked" - SpongeBob runs to Patrick's; SpongeBob runs back to Sandy's; SpongeBob runs to Krabs' house (high-pitched +1); "SpongeBob, wait!" (high-pitched +1); "Okay, I'll be right back."
  • 179a. "Extreme Spots" - Patrick sweats.
  • 250a. "Broken Alarm" - "Still late!"


  • With 22 usages, this is the second-most commonly used music in title cards throughout the series, behind "Clownfish Capers."
  • This has sped up in usage after season 5.
  • This track still has one part that has not played in the show. It can be heard in a Comic-Con 2015 panel.
  • This track was used in a title card in season 6 eight times, which is the most any track has been used for title cards in any season.
  • Between "The Cent of Money" and "Fiasco!," this took nearly 2 years for this track to return as title card music.
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