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Video game

SpongeBob SquarePants Saves the Day is a SpongeBob SquarePants educational video game released for the Leapster and the Leapster 2 in 2003.



"When a freezer named "Below Zero" falls off a cargo ship and lands in Bikini Bottom, it lures the Krusty Krab's customers to it, SpongeBob then orders a Kitchen Chemistry Set so he can make a better secret sauce and save the Krusty Krab!"


"Players soak up knowledge during underwater visits to the city of Bikini Bottom with their favorite sea-dwelling sponge. Kids can help SpongeBob save the day as they compete in 5 exciting learning activities that promote over 45 kindergarten and first grade skills. Plus, four games include 3 levels of play to keep kids challenged and engaged.

As kids help SpongeBob SquarePants create a new Krabby Patty Sauce to win back Krusty Krab customers, they'll have so much fun they won't even realize that they're learning. Five action-packed games teach over 45 skills in word building, money concepts, addition, and logic."


Counting Claw

SpongeBob uses American coins to win prizes and Orange Squid Soda from a claw machine built by Mr. Krabs. The player has to select the correct amount, "put" the correct amount into the coin bank, and then use the arrow pad to pick up a prize from the machine.

Conveyor Chaos

Patrick needs to collect Griddle Grease as another ingredient for the Secret Sauce by jumping on conveyors, as well as collecting Krabby Patties in the "Bonus Round." Each level has three rounds. The player must move Patrick using the arrow pad, and select ten of the correct object. After all three rounds are complete, the player gets one drop of Griddle Grease plus the extra(s) collected in the bonus round.

Melody Grove

While walking down the road, SpongeBob trips on a rock and upsets a nearby oyster. To calm it down, SpongeBob "asks" the player to use the Melody Grove to make the crying oyster less upset.

The grove itself includes 5 musical stations: SpongeBob dancing to make the oyster happy, Melody Grove, where the player chooses three SpongeBob-like Hawaiian melodies, Instrument Rock, in which the player chooses from 15 instrumental tunes to play beside the main track, The Coral Organ, where the player uses an upbeat organ to play besides the main track, and the Pitch Vines, where the player practices different pitches. The player plays around the in grove for about three minutes. Each block of three minutes of playtime equals one drop of Blue Oyster Juice.

Bubble Scrubber

SpongeBob is at the Krusty Krab taking out the trash. Meanwhile, Jellyfish absorb letters from newspapers in the dumpster. SpongeBob then decides to use the Jellyfish as word-building letters.

In the game itself, the player controls SpongeBob with the arrow pad to "shoot" bubbles at Jellyfish containing word ending. The player can also "blow" a bubble using the red button. At the end of the round, there's a "Show what you Know!" round, in which the narrator explains something like: "Make the word, "cup"!". Meanwhile, the player has to pop the bubble that has the ending "-up". A scorekeeper that goes up by fives is on the bottom-right corner of the screen. A single round gives the player a maximum of three drops of purple jellyfish jelly.
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