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The SpongeBob SquarePants Popsicle is a SpongeBob SquarePants-themed water-based frozen snack produced by the popsicle company Popsicle.


It is a popsicle version of SpongeBob. It has a fruit punch and cotton candy flavor. The only differences in appearance between this and the actual SpongeBob are that its shirt is red in color instead of brown, has no black belt, white undershirt, light olive-green holes, and blue eyes.

Nutrition facts

It has 100 calories, 0 saturated fat, 15 sodium, and 15 sugars.


  • The yellow popsicle from the episode "The Smoking Peanut" could be a reference to this popsicle.
  • The popsicle is well known for becoming deformed after being left in the heat. This can make the popsicle have wrong eye placements or even look like a cyclops.
  • The popsicle is sold at ice cream trucks across the nation, but it is also available to purchase on Amazon.


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