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Video game

SpongeBob SquarePants Plug 'n Play is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game that was released in 2003.

Game summary

SpongeBob's Bubble Pop

Huge mysterious bubbles are surrounding Bikini Bottom and blocking all the exits to the city. SpongeBob has taken it upon himself to burst every last one of these nasty bubbles and free Bikini Bottom once more!

Sandy's Surf Adventure

A giant bullworm and its nasty henchmen are terrorizing Bikini Bottom. Against SpongeBob's wishes Sandy has decided to repel their attack on her own. Can she save Bikini Bottom from this terrible menace?

Invasion of the Hooks

"The hooks! The hooks! They dangle down with their pleasing shades and beguiling colors and dust when you think you've found the land of milk and honey, they grab you and have you up high!" Bikini Bottom has an influx of dangerous hooks and it's up to you to keep them at bay!

Patrick and the Maze

Patrick the starfish has managed to get himself and his friends lost in the coral maze! Fortunately there are many items around that may help Patrick escape the maze. Only with skill will Patrick escape and return home safely!

The Super Chum Bucket

Plankton has used his remote control robots to capture Sandy Cheeks to bribe SpongeBob into giving him the delicious Krabby Patty recipe! SpongeBob will never give away the recipe and decides to risk life and Sponge to rescue Sandy himself!

Game Rules

SpongeBob's Bubble Pop

Bounce the ball into the bubbles using SpongeBob!

Don't let the ball sink into the sand and get lost!

Collect B-O-N-U-S letters to increase your score!

Grab items to help you!

  • Catch Ball
  • Slow Ball
  • Speed Ball
  • Flame Ball
  • Triple Ball
  • Spatula Shot
  • Widen SpongeBob
  • Five Way Ball

Sandy's Surf Adventure

To help Sandy out, collect the orbs of power.

These give her the following advantages:

  • Speed Up
  • Extra Life
  • Three Hay
  • Rapid Fire

Watch out for the Bullworm's henchmen!

Invasion of the Hooks

Fire the Krabby Patties at the hooks!

Don't let your friends get dragged off screen.

Some hooks require more hits than others!

  • One Hit
  • Two Hits
  • Three Hits
  • Four Hits

Collect kelp bars for extra points!

Patrick and the Maze

Use up, down, left and right to move Patrick.

Musical Clams

The clams are feeling musical tonight!

Remember the notes in the tune the clams play and then play it back correctly.

Use up, down, left and right to move to the correct clam.

The Super Chum Bucket

To get SpongeBob to the top, Use left, and right to make SpongeBob run then use the A button to jump. Go save Sandy Cheeks. Avoid dangerous hazards and robots!


The nose on SpongeBob acts as the player's character control. The button in the top left corner is the fire button. These are used in different ways in each game on the Plug 'n Play.

SpongeBob's Bubble Pop

Joystick: Move SpongeBob.

Fire: Fire ball / Power-up

Sandy's Surf Adventure

Joystick: Move Sandy.

Fire: Power

Invasion of the Hooks

Joystick: Move SpongeBob and aim the hooks.

Fire: Hit the hooks.

Patrick and the Maze

Joystick: Move Patrick.

The Super Chum Bucket

Joystick: Move SpongeBob

Fire: Jump

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