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SpongeBob SquarePants is the Indonesian dub of SpongeBob SquarePants. It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants.

Voice cast

Character Voice Cast Season Broadcast
SpongeBob Nanang Niskala 1[1] Lativi
Santosa Amin 1-3 Lativi
5-6 GTV
Ade Kurniawan 1-5[2][3] GTV
Ruddy Bonham 7-9[4] GTV
Iphie Lubis 9-present GTV
Patrick Arya Samaji 1-3[5] Lativi
8-present[6] GTV
Darmawan Susanto 1-8[3] GTV
Squidward Jumali Jindra 1-3 Lativi
1-8, 11[3] GTV
Azhary 8-10, 11-present GTV
Mr. Krabs Dadang Hidayat 1-3 Lativi
1-9[3] GTV
Solihin Sukabumi 9-present GTV
Sandy Cheeks Lady Carmelita Novita 1-3[5] Lativi
8-10, 11-present GTV
Jeany 1-3 [7] GTV
Sani Oktania 4-8 [8] GTV
Jessy Milianty 11[9] GTV
Mrs. Puff Dewi Kamra Indah Jaya 1-7[10] GTV
Lady Carmelita Novita 8-10, 11-present GTV
Jessy Milianty 11[9] GTV
French Narrator Dadang Hidayat 1-3 Lativi
1-9[3] GTV
Solihin Bumi 9-10, 11-present GTV
Jumali Indra 11 GTV
Plankton Salman Borneo 1-7, 8-present[11] GTV
Adith Siddiq Permana 7 GTV
Flying Dutchman Salman Borneo 1-present[11] GTV
Karen Dewi Kamra Indah Jaya
1-4[12] GTV
Jeany 5-8[13] GTV
Lady Carmelita Novita 8-10, 11-present [14] GTV
Jessy Milianty 11 GTV
Pearl Krabs Lady Carmelita Novita 8-10 GTV
Jessy Milianty 11 GTV


  • There are many translation inconsistencies in the Indonesian series of SpongeBob SquarePants. The reason is possibly the different dubbing studio and different translation that used to dub the series. Some of them are:
    • Flying Dutchman usually untranslated. But in a few episodes, his name translated into "Belanda Terbang." The translated version is hard to be recognized by young audiences. The "Belanda Terbang" version can be heard in the episode "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One."
    • Mrs. Puff sometimes translated to "Ibu Puff" and "Nyonya Puff." Both of them are the same, but the most used one and the exact translation is the "Nyonya Puff" version. The "Ibu Puff" version can be heard in the episode "Nautical Novice."
    • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy usually untranslated. But in a few episodes, their name translated into "Manusia Mermaid" and "Bocah Barnacle." It can be heard in the episode "The Card." Oddly enough, it didn't fully translate because there is no proper and exact translation for mermaid and barnacle in Bahasa Indonesia.
      • Mermaid means "Putri duyung" (The exact translation of "Mermaid Man" is "Manusia putri duyung" makes the full translation funny) and there are many translations for barnacle, many of them are "teritip", "remis", "kepah", "kijing" ("Bocah remis" also makes the full translation funny).
    • Sometimes, "Boating school" translated into one or a combination of the following sentences on below :
      • "Sekolah mengemudi" (Driving School).
      • "Sekolah lalu lintas" (Traffic School).
      • "Kursus kapal" (Boating Course).
      • "Kursus mengemudi" (Driving Course).
      • "Sekolah kapal" (Ship School).
      • The exact translation of "Boating school" in Indonesian is "Sekolah Berperahu."
      • The most used is "Sekolah kapal."
    • Sometimes, "Old Man Jenkins" translated into one or a combination of the following sentences on below :
      • Jenkins si Kakek Tua (in "Friend or Foe")
      • Kakek Jenkins
      • Kakek Tua Jenkins
      • Pak Jenkins
      • The exact translation and most used is "Pak Tua Jenkins"
    • F.E.M.A sometimes translated to "P.S.K.K.L" ("Perbaiki Si Kepala Kosong Lagi") it can be heard in the episode "The Nitwitting." [15]
  • The music score sometimes subbed and sometimes unsubbed. The subbed one can be seen in the episode "Atlantis SquarePantis."
    •  When SpongeBob aired in Lativi, the music weren't subbed to Indonesian.
  • In past airings until the mid 2010s, the subtitle for music score is yellow-colored with black outlines. Nowadays, the TV channel (GTV) which is SpongeBob aired is replacing it with white-colored and black outlines. The channel uses the replacing method because the subtitle is hard to dubbed. Also, the reason why the channel changes the subtitle color is to match the colors of all program's subtitle in that channel.
  • The intro, title cards, time cards, credits and ending isn't dubbed and keep in English.
    • This also happens to all shows airing on Nickelodeon Indonesia.
    • However, because GTV created special airing, SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. The intro, title cards, credits, and ending is never used.

Deleted/remained scenes

Lots of scenes were deleted during airing in Global TV (now GTV) because GTV puts more ad-breaks on the middle of episodes or possibly to prevent violation of Indonesian Broadcasting Commission's (KPI) regulations (possibly some of the scenes are considered inappropriate, unsuitable for kids and they didn't want some viewer to imitate it), especially in every montage or music score scene.

  • "Jellyfishing" - The scene where Squidward's Hand zoomed after Patrick stabs jellyfish net to Squidward's Hand was cut in current airing. Although, the scene was remained in the past.
  • "Your Shoe's Untied" - The scene where SpongeBob is watching a sea anemone "dancing" was sometimes removed for saving time or inappropriate reason.
  • "Procrastination" - The scene where SpongeBob looks out the window, all his friends are there, and Patrick rubbing Sandy with Sun Lotion then says, "Come on, SpongeBob!" and SpongeBob exercising were cut in past airing due to save time for ads. Nowadays, because the runtime is lengthened, that scene has remained.
    • The scene where SpongeBob imagining a car crash isn't cut.
  • "Squid on Strike" - The scene where Squidward pull SpongeBob body until SpongeBob's skeleton and internal organs visible are cut due to gruesome sightings.
  • "Just One Bite" - Squidward enters Krusty Krab normally without the controversial deleted torture scene.
  • "Party Pooper Pants" - all of the Patchy scenes are cut.
    • However in the past, all Patchy scenes remained normally.
  • "Ugh" - The scene where SpongeGar woke up and then hit by a rock because of the noisy alarm, SpongeGar and Patar hurt themselves, Squog hits Patar and SpongeGar with a club stick, Patar eats a stick, Squog fights with SpongeGar until they club-whacking each other, Squog being struck by a lightning are cut.
  • "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" - The scene where SpongeBob steps on Tattletale Strangler's eyes with spiky shoes are cut due of dangerous and unsuitable scene for children.
  • "Stanley S. SquarePants" - The scene where SpongeBob & Stanley visited Sandy's House and SpongeBob in Mr. Krabs' office to talk about Stanley are cut for unknown reason.
  • "House Fancy" - The sofa-moving scene that makes Squidward's toenail ripped are cut for being inappropriate and Indonesian Broadcasting Commission warned it and considered that scene was being too sadist.
  • "Sun Bleached" - The Soda commercial guy scene is cut for unknown reasons
  • "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy" - The scene where Sandy appear without her fur and Plankton goes to Krusty Krab with Sandy's fur were censored and blurred due to nudity.
    • Currently, this episode along with it's sister episode never aired again. It is most likely because both of these episodes have inappropriate scenes.
  • "Life Insurance" - The scene of pillow-fight, hit with a rake, SpongeBob and Patrick got lightning and Squidward on the Sushi Maker was removed due of violence and time saving for advertisement.
  • Most of episodes that have inappropriate/dangerous scenes were skipped or cut in Indonesia.


  • Currently, SpongeBob SquarePants is the longest Nickelodeon's cartoon that still continued airing in Indonesia.
  • There are some special airing programs created by the channel where SpongeBob was aired in GTV, which are:
    • Happy Bareng SpongeBob (Happy with SpongeBob) which aired in weekend morning.
    • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which wasn't an actual movie. Instead, it's a randomly picked regular episode with translated or custom episode's name without intro, title cards and credits (possibly for saving time or not to waste time).
      • It broadcast everyday and it was the part of Big Movie Candyland and then Big Movie Family.
      • The reason and the purpose that GTV created this special airing is because GTV also airs non-Nickelodeon program which SpongeBob is currently only Nickelodeon's cartoon air on that channel and GTV want to combine all cartoon program on that channel into single program which also extending "Big Movie" name, and GTV want to air episode randomly ordered instead ordered episode. Also, GTV added a custom Indonesian title name of episode which the title name is come from one of the scene and the reason is for the sake of breaking the rating and share numbers. This special airing have become GTV's mainstay in scoring ratings during the daytime slot.
      • In order to maintain a cartoon show variations in GTV, this special airing often aired with another cartoon (such as Tom and Jerry Tales or Rabbids Invasion).
    • Perangkap (Trap), is a 30-minute program that shows how to make a trap that was voiced by Ade Kurniawan (Indonesian voice actors of SpongeBob in Season 1 - ½ of Season 5 episodes) with Dewi Sartika (a female Indonesian voice actor of Nobita in Doraemon anime television series). Currently, this show is no longer airing.
    • Hypening, a program that shows variety of funny videos.
  • The reason of ads are often airs in middle of episode's scene and more ads is possibly because they are promoting some promotional contents such as products for increasing profits and TV promotions
    • However, this causes time constraints and few scene of episodes are skipped.
    • This also happened in several foreign cartoons aired in Indonesia.


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