SpongeBob Sport Toys are minifigures released by McDonalds in late July 2012. There were 16 figures in total selling in Happy Meals in North America. The toys were made to promote the 2012 London Summer Olympics.


  • SpongeBob Skateboarder
  • SpongeBob Karate
  • SpongeBob Basketball
  • Patrick Spinner
  • SpongeBob Weightlifter
  • SpongeBob Soccer
  • SpongeBob Windsurfer
  • Gary Skater
  • SpongeBob Kayaker
  • Patrick Rodeo
  • SpongeBob Gymnast
  • Squidward Tennis
  • SpongeBob Golfer
  • SpongeBob Discus
  • Sandy Rocket Boat
  • Mr. Krabs Fencing


  • The theme song is parodied in the commercial.
    • The logo is also purple instead of blue in the commercial.
  • Squidward's second pair of legs are a second pair of his arms on his figure.
  • Spongebob's Karate Toy Resembles His Outfit In Jingle Brawl, and the older Super Brawl games up to Super Brawl 2.



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