SpongeBob SmartyPants is a collection of promotional YouTube videos featuring trivia questions from the SpongeBob SquarePants series. They are part of the Best Year Ever event.

The videos were first uploaded on December 21, 2019 to the SpongeBob SquarePants YouTube channel. A sneak peek of the videos was first released on December 7, 2019.

It also appeared during Patchy's Beach Bash! and from February 8-13, 2020 where questions would appear on the side of the screen and allowed viewers to answer them on the Nickelodeon ScreensUp! App.


The videos, hosted by famous YouTuber Guava Juice, each feature two SpongeBob super-fans going head-to-head in a series of challenges in order to win the coveted Golden Pineapple. The show is accompanied by a few cutscenes from the actual show. At times, Guava Juice is assisted by a SmartyPants assistant to help them with each round. The show is split into three rounds.

Round 1: Challenges

The first round has the two contestants compete in one of several challenges. These include:

  • Order Up!: The contestants must flip Krabby Patties into holes to simulate feeding ravenous anchovies. After 10 seconds have passed, the contestant with the most points wins.
  • Jellyfish Jam: The contestants must catch the most jellyfish in the nets above their heads, and the contestant with the most after 10 seconds wins.
  • Karate Choppers: The contestants must wear bubble suits and try to push each other out of the ring. The contestant who stays within the ring wins.

After the challenge is completed, the winner of the challenge is rewarded 50 points.

Round 2: Bikini Bottom Blitz

The second round is a trivia question round that features a large map of Bikini Bottom filled with famous locations from the series. Each location has a trivia question associated with it, and a contestant will be rewarded with 100 points if they answer said question correctly.

After six questions, the trivia will end and the contestants can participate in The Flying Dutchman's Wager, where they can wager their points in hopes of earning back double the points. After waging, the contestants must complete another challenge in order to try and double their points.

After the challenge is complete, the contestant with the lower amount of points is eliminated, and the winner gets to go on to the final round.

Other challenges

This is a list of the mini-challenges that occur during this round.

  • Porous Chorus: Guava Juice recites a line from a SpongeBob song and the contestants must finish the phrase from it.
  • Sea-Star Power: Contestants must identify the special guest voice actor to a certain character.

Round 3: The Chum Bucket Challenge

The final round is the Chum Bucket Challenge, where Guava Juice asks the remaining contestant a series of seven questions. If the contestant answers five questions correctly, they win the Golden Pineapple. However, if they answer three questions incorrectly, they get chum dumped onto them and will receive a runner-up prize.



Episode Title Date Contestants Winner of the Golden Pineapple
1 "Win or Get Chummed" December 21, 2019 Susan and Chevez None (Chevez was eliminated in the Bikini Bottom Blitz, and Susan lost the Chum Bucket Challenge)
2 "Jelly Fishing IRL Challenge" December 28, 2019 Amanda and Ray Amanda (After eliminating Ray in the Bikini Bottom Blitz, Amanda only got one question wrong, winning the golden pineapple and becoming the first to do so, but still got chummed anyway)
3 "Doing KA-RA-TE for the Golden Pineapple!" January 4, 2020 Jewel and Kelly Jewel (Kelly was eliminated in the Bikini Bottom Blitz and Jewel went on to win the Golden Pineapple by answering 5 correct questions and 2 wrong)
4 "Remember These SpongeBob Song Lyrics?" January 11, 2020 Christian and Katie None (Katie was eliminated in the Bikini Bottom Blitz, and Christian lost the Chum Bucket Challenge)
5 "Krabby Patty Flipping Challenge + MORE SpongeBob Trivia" January 18, 2020 Venus and Alex None (Alex was eliminated in the Bikini Bottom Blitz, and Venus lost the Chum Bucket Challenge)


  • This series used "Nostalgic Hawaii" for the first time since "Fungus Among Us." It took 12 years for this track to return.
    • However, it has yet to return in an episode.


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