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SpongeBob Comics Special Edition is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book released on September 10, 2013. It consists of 6 comics.


The cover shows a crazed SpongeBob driving a boatmobile with his eyes popping out and Mrs. Puff hanging onto the back.


Connect the Dots

Main article: Connect the Dots
When SpongeBob and Patrick finish their connect-the-dots book, they connect the dots on each other.

Drawn In!

Main article: Drawn In!
SpongeBob draws himself into a Mermaid Man comic book.

One Afternoon in Spring

SpongeBob and Patrick use grass weed to make silly faces with it.

What Lurks Inside the Jelly Hive?

SpongeBob goes inside a jelly hive.

Face 2 Face

Main article: Face 2 Face
SpongeBob tries to talk about what happened at work to Patrick, only to find out that he has another face on his foot.

Dream Big!

Main article: Dream Big!
SpongeBob and Patrick wonder what Gary is dreaming about. He turns out to be dreaming he is a giant monster destroying Bikini Bottom.


SpongeBob Comics (VE)
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