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SpongeBob Comics Special Edition is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book, included in The SpongeBob SquarePants Experience: A Deep Dive into the World of Bikini Bottom and released on September 10, 2013. It consists of six comics.


Connect the Dots

Main article: Connect the Dots

When SpongeBob and Patrick finish their connect-the-dots book, they connect the dots on each other.

Drawn In!

Main article: Drawn In!

SpongeBob draws himself into a Mermaid Man comic book.

One Afternoon in Spring

SpongeBob and Patrick use grass weed to make silly faces with it.

What Lurks Inside the Jelly Hive?

SpongeBob goes inside a jelly hive.

Face 2 Face

Main article: Face 2 Face

SpongeBob tries to talk about what happened at work to Patrick, only to find out that he has another face on his foot.

Dream Big!

SpongeBob and Patrick wonder what Gary is dreaming about. He turns out to be dreaming he is a giant monster destroying Bikini Bottom.


  • The cover of this comic book is the same as the SpongeBob Comics No. 2.
  • All of the comics in this book were in previous SpongeBob Comics.
SpongeBob Comics (VE)
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