SpongeBob Comics #58 is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book that was released on July 13, 2016.


Patrick and Larry the Lobster are the "Crusoem Twosome" in a 23-page SpongeBob epic with only a little bit of SpongeBob! When Patrick's allergies cause him and Larry to be marooned far from Bikini Bottom, it's all Larry can do to keep his buff composure and rock-hard cool! Will sea monsters, tidal waves, and a distressing lack of free weights prove deadlier than being stuck 24-7 with Patrick? Plus, SpongeBob catches a magic jellyfish; Gary loses his bowl, a new "SpongeFunnies" from James Kochalka; and more ocean facts from Maris Wicks![1]


Crusoem Twosome

The comic is on page one.

Sleepy Time 052
"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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The comic is on page 24.

Jelly Wish

The comic is on page 25. A mailman comes to SpongeBob's house to deliver a letter. SpongeBob finally got his Jellyfish Attracting Record Album sent to him. He says that it will make him a Jellyfishing champion and packs his stuff including his record player to start Jellyfishing. Once he gets there, he tests out the album to see that it works like a charm. He continues to have fun until a more exotic jellyfish shows up. After SpongeBob catches it, the Jellyfish tells him to release him so he can buzz endlessly across the ocean again, and that if he lets him free, he'll grant SpongeBob one wish. SpongeBob thinks for hours on what he wants his one wish to be, eventually making the jellyfish very irritated. SpongeBob finally decides his wish would be to turn him into a jellyfish.


The comic is on page 29. It explains the purpose of barbels on sea creatures.

The Great Big Breakfast Fiasco!!!

The comic is on page 30. SpongeBob can't wait to eat breakfast. He grabs his cereal, spoon, and milk. However, he doesn't have a bowl to eat it on. He tries to think of other things to use and then thinks of Gary's food bowl. He thinks that Gary won't mind if he borrowed it for breakfast. As he slowly and quietly reaches for the bowl, he triggers Gary's defensive animal instincts. Gary viciously attacks SpongeBob for a while until the dishwasher goes off. SpongeBob almost forgot that he had plenty of bowls in the dishwasher the entire time. SpongeBob finally enjoys his breakfast.



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