SpongeBob Comics #49 is a comic book that was released on October 14, 2015.


Patty Thing!

Squidward tells Mr. Krabs a story about him hiding leftover Krabby Patties under the floorboards at the Krusty Krab, only to hear an unnatural sound and think that it is a monster.

Made in the Shade

SpongeBob says the sun is too bright so Patrick offers him his shady box of darkness.

Pandora's Tie Box

SpongeBob thinks there is a monster in Patrick's box of darkness because he caught the darkness at midnight.

Annual Halloween Costume Contest Tonight!

On the night of a Halloween costume contest, SpongeBob dresses up as Sandy and Sandy dresses up as SpongeBob.

Flotsam Fables Legends of the Deep Sea Monsters

This comic talks about the possibilities of sea monsters in the ocean.

Monster Canyon

SpongeBob delivers a Krusty Krab order to a monster place where delivery boys have been known on not ever returning.


  • In the Annual Halloween Costume Contest Tonight! comic strip, SpongeBob and Sandy go to the Barg'N-Mart for Halloween costume supplies.
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