SpongeBob Comics #46 is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book that was released on July 8, 2015.


The Menace of the Mola Mola

When the Mola Mola blocks the sun radiation in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob must go inside Mola Mola to get explore the giant critter more deeply and to get it to move away from blocking the sunlight.

Mola Mola

This comic talks about the Mola Mola fish.

SpongeBob in Shrinktopia

When Plankton tests his shrink ray on SpongeBob, the latter shrinks down to microscope size and experiences fun with other small planktons.

Pet Shop Surprise

Patrick want to get a little buddy from the pet shop, but he learns that it is a big responsibility.

Expensive Tastes

Pearl wants Mr. Krabs to buy a bunch of expensive stuff for her. However, her father finds out his money is being used to power the Krusty Krab oven.

Easy Peasy Chair

Because Mr. Krabs is freaking out about money, SpongeBob tells him to relax and sit in comfy chair that is made of shredded money.

SpongeBob Comics (VE)
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