SpongeBob Comics #45 is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book that was released on June 10, 2015.


The Deranged Detector

Mr. Krabs uses a robot metal detector to search for valuable money coinage.

Free Dumb

Patrick thinks the signs that say "free" are free, but they are actual pointing to Plankton's free samples.

Significant Improvement

Plankton tells Patrick that the chum burgers are new and improved to be 50% less disgusting.

One Tuesday Afternoon at Squidward's

Squidward tries to sell his house, but realizes how much he likes the place.

Sea Stars: Inside and Out

This comic talks about the inside and outside features of a sea star.

Patrick's Itch

When Patrick has a serious itch problem, SpongeBob goes around town looking for help.

Sandy's New Look

When Sandy forgets to put something on herself, people think she looks different.

One Tuesday Afternoon at SpongeBob's

SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy want to play the Chutes and Lobsters board game, but they are missing a few things required for the game.

Sob Story

Patrick hears SpongeBob crying and goes over to see what is wrong with him.


  • The comic strips One Tuesday Afternoon at Squidward's and One Tuesday Afternoon at SpongeBob's have the same story, but are told in a different character's perspective.

Cultural references


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