SpongeBob Comics No. 40 (A.K.A. SpongeBob Comics No. 40 - Panicky Volcano Issue) is a comic book that was released on January 14, 2015.


Guest to Pest

Patrick's house gets hit by a waterspout causing him to stay as a guest a SpongeBob's house. But after a while, Patrick starts to annoy SpongeBob, forcing him to find his best friend a new home.

Hydro Thermal

Talks about a hydro-thermal vent in the ocean.

Kick the Can

SpongeBob and Patrick are jumping over a can. but Squidward says you have to "Kick the can."

The Big Catch

SpongeBob tries to catch jellyfish.

Cute Pet

SpongeBob has a jellyfishing net stuck on his head, but thinks of himself as a jellyfish pet.

Formula None

After running out of ingredient #37, Mr. Krabs instead puts artificial ingredients in Krabby Patties.

SpongeBob's Toe Jam

SpongeBob's hurt foot swells up and becomes shaped like a starfish.


  • The cover features real-life images of rocks.
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