SpongeBob Comics No. 4 is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book that was released on August 10, 2011.


The Replacement

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Mr. Krabs introduces the Grimenator that can replace SpongeBob's job of cleaning the dishes and doing everything else at Krusty Krab.

Look, Squidward, I Brought You a Special Surprise!

SpongeBob tries to surprise Squidward with a "in-a-can" prank.

Burn It

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A customer wants his patty burnt to a crisp, but SpongeBob has never burnt a patty in his life.


SpongeBob & Patrick Write a Letter

Patrick helps SpongeBob write a letter to Squidward.

Squidward's Toilet

SpongeBob and Patrick are in Squidward's toilet.

The Best Comic in the World

SpongeBob tells you the best comic in the world.

SpongeBob! Wait!!!

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Patrick can't walk as fast as SpongeBob because he has stumpy stumps.

Mental Delivery

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Sandy asks SpongeBob a favor to sign Sandy's chestnuts package while she's at the dentist.

Patrick's Big Secret

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Patrick tries to hide a secret from SpongeBob.

A Plankton Family Tree

Plankton looks at his family tree.

SpongeBob and Patrick Make a Funny Face

SpongeBob and Patrick have a contest to see who can make the funniest face.



SpongeBob saying he has not burnt a patty before.

  • Continuity error: In the Burn It comics strip, SpongeBob SquarePants says he never burnt a patty in his life. But SpongeBob has been shown burning a Krabby Patty a number of times in the series.
  • In the Metal Delivery comic strip, Sandy says she is having a dentist appointment in Bikini Bottom. However, Sandy is a land creature with a helmet. That means that the underwater dentist would have to remove Sandy's air helmet off her head to see her teeth more closely, but Sandy cannot breathe in water.
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