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SpongeBob Comics No. 36 is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book released on September 10, 2014.


Showdown at the Shady Shoals Part 5 of 5

Mermaid Man and Viro Reganto team up to defeat the Tidal Wave, and the power of friendship transforms them and makes them young and powerful again.

A Soggy Select-a-Journey

Help Mr. Krabs decide whether to give movie passes to SpongeBob or Pearl.

Swab Story

SpongeBob enters a swabbin' contest but needs to practice before he can compete with tough pirates.

Pranks for Nothing

SpongeBob pulls an elaborate prank, pranking Patrick to prank Squidward.


Airbag Deployment, Everybody Wins.

The A-Counting Office

SpongeBob interrupts Mr. Krabs while he is counting his money.


  • The comic Pranks for Nothing involves SpongeBob pulling a prank, which was a previous plot device of the episode "Pranks a Lot."

Cultural references

  • The title of Pranks for Nothing parodies the phrase "Thanks for nothing," which is said to denote ungratefulness towards someone as a result of their wrongdoings.
  • The title of The A-Counting Office is a parody of The Accounting Office, Inc.
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