Not to be confused with Comic Number 2.

SpongeBob Comics #2 A.K.A Caution: Student Boater! is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book released on April 13, 2011. It consists of 7 comics, a cover poster, and a teaser for SpongeBob Comics No. 3.


Picture it!

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In order to help SpongeBob pass his driver's test, Mrs. Puff tells him to picture the process.

Split Decision

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In order to do two things at once, SpongeBob splits himself in half.

Star Studded Cast

Main article: Star Studded Cast
An interactive comics about Patrick introducing SpongeBob to his cousins.

All Wrapped Up

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Patrick keeps asking SpongeBob for stuff, causing the sponge to wonder what his friend is hiding.

A Swell Time

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SpongeBob and Patrick come across some candy coral and are tempted to taste it.


A collection of two comics. SpongeBob wishes for a cherry to top his ice cream, and Patrick plays video games with Gary.

Grandma's Cookies

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SpongeBob smells his grandma's cookies and must go through many hazards to taste them.

Other features

Hot-Roddin' Cover Pin-Up!

A two-page wise poster the comic's cover.



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