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Not to be confused with SpongeGar or Spongy Spongy.

SpongeBob[1], also called Primitive Sponge and incorrectly SpongeGar[2][3][4], is one of SpongeBob SquarePants' prehistoric ancestors. He first appears in the episode "SB-129." He also has the same name as him. He is a primitive sea sponge.


He is a yellow square-shaped sponge who has a large sloping forehead and a large ape-like mouth with a notable overbite, and his teeth are large and thick. He wears a loin cloth that can be replaced upon tearing.

Role in series

He is revealed when Squidward attempts to find a quiet place to play his clarinet. At first, the meeting between the two is awkward yet calm; he even sniffs and plays with Squidward's arm out of curiosity.

When a jellyfish swims by, he becomes afraid of it and runs away, screaming with Patrick, who also has the same name as his descendant. He is later seen holding a jellyfish and being continuously stung by it, screaming and passing it to him. Squidward becomes annoyed at their screams and tells them they are supposed to catch the jellyfish, not torture themselves with it. They do not understand so Squidward takes a stick and loincloth from both primitives, crafts two loincloth jellyfish nets, and shows them how it works. Both primitives were amazed and took the nets.

When the jellyfish escapes, they run after it with their new nets while Squidward goes back to his clarinet playing. This, however, proves to be a bad decision, as neither find the sound very pleasant and angrily pound their chests and chase Squidward back to the time machine, causing him to teleport away.


SB-129 137.png

  • Willingly getting stung by a jellyfish (witnessed by Squidward)
  • Jellyfishing (caused and created by Squidward)
  • Destroying sources of annoying/high-pitched sound (case in point, Squidward's clarinet)


He is not very smart. He cannot talk like the Bikini Bottom citizens of today. Instead, he communicates by growls and whimpers. His high tolerance for pain is what keeps him holding onto the angry jelly and repeatedly getting stung. He could understand Squidward's demand for his loincloth. He also looks very crazy when noticing Squidward.


  • He briefly appears in the episode "Ugh" as part of the "When Worlds Collide" song.
  • Unlike his descendant and SpongeGar, he is not known to have any pets.
  • Unlike his descendant, he has no eyelashes and has two sabertooth tiger teeth instead of two buck-teeth.

SpongeBob (primitive) in Battle for Bikini Bottom.

SpongeBob (primitive) in Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated.

Surprised SpongeBob (primitive) meme.

  • He became a meme in 2014 and became fairly popular in the spring and summer seasons of 2016. Specifically, the scene where Squidward says, "What are you simpletons doing?" and SpongeBob primitive turns around while making a surprised face.[5] Most people who use this meme often confuse him with SpongeGar, which eventually lead to official merchandise and games to also refer to him as SpongeGar.