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Online game

SpongeBob: You Bring The Color is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.

In this game, players color a screenshot from the opening of the show and scenes of the season 11 episode "Squid Noir." There was a chance for them to see their colors live on TV, between November 6 and 10, 2017.

Between these days, an event called the "You Bring The Color Week" premiered new episodes at 7:00pm EST. It was a premiere week.


Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
No Pictures Please.png
221a "No Pictures Please" November 6, 2017
Patrick leads an enthusiastic stranger on a tour of his favorite places in Bikini Bottom.
Stuck on the Roof.png
221b "Stuck on the Roof" November 6, 2017
SpongeBob is afraid to get off the roof of the Krusty Krab, but it won't let that stop him from living his life!
There's a Sponge in My Soup.png
218b "There's a Sponge in My Soup" November 7, 2017
Mr. Krabs’ new Krabby Soup is a hit – until some heat-loving hippies move into the soup vat!
Cuddle E. Hugs.png
225a "Cuddle E. Hugs" November 8, 2017
SpongeBob's new friend is a giant, fluffy hamster, but no one else is able to see him.
Scavenger Pants.png
224b "Scavenger Pants" November 9, 2017
Squidward sends SpongeBob and Patrick on an increasingly difficult scavenger hunt to get them out of his hair.
Squid Noir.png
224a "Squid Noir" November 10, 2017
When Squidward's clarinet disappears, he has to become a hard-boiled detective to track it down.


November 6, 2017

Time Episode
7:00pm "No Pictures Please" / "Stuck on the Roof" (NEW!)
7:30pm "Krabby Patty Creature Feature" / "Teacher's Pests"

November 7, 2017

Time Episode
7:00pm "There's a Sponge in My Soup" (NEW!)
7:15pm "No Pictures Please"
7:30pm "Feral Friends" / "Don't Wake Patrick"

November 8, 2017

Time Episode
7:00pm "Cuddle E. Hugs" (NEW!)
7:15pm "There's a Sponge in My Soup"
7:30pm "Spin the Bottle"
7:45pm "Sportz?"

November 9, 2017

Time Episode
7:00pm "Scavenger Pants" (NEW!)
7:15pm "Cuddle E. Hugs"
7:30pm "Man Ray Returns" / "Larry the Floor Manager"

November 10, 2017

Time Episode
7:00pm "Squid Noir" (NEW!) / "Scavenger Pants"
7:30pm "Plankton Retires" / "Trident Trouble"

Coloring pages

The Nickelodeon staff gives in nickelodeonparents.com the opportunity to children to print and color pages featuring scenes from "Squid Noir."[1]






  • There is another event that had the exact premise which is "I ♥ SpongeBob week."
  • The first promo of the game contains clips from the following episodes:
  • This game is similar to Coloring Book and Festive Coloring Book.
  • This contest is also heavily restricted to American viewers, as it only asks for American states.
  • You Bring The Color is the only week to premiere more than 3 episodes in 2017.
  • The website spoiled the ending from "Squid Noir" by using pictures from it.
  • This was the last premiere week in 2017.
  • "Squid Noir" is the highest-viewed episode in this event with 1.86 views; the lowest-viewed is "There's a Sponge in My Soup" with 1.46 million views.